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And some of the approaches from a operating system standpoint in manipulating maneuvering and actually interfacing like we see more with the iphone and the ipad the size of the circuitry on the microchip known as the process no determines its power consumption option and the smaller the transistors on the chip the wider variety of things you can put on it such as a wireless modem gps receiver image processors etc each new silicone breakthrough is named after an even smaller distance between the chip components and it's of course measured in nanometers in a latest chip that apple in a in ib ara intel been working on there at the seven nanometer meter level so we'll of course are heading to even even smaller ships the consume less power and do more victories and apple and the competitors are watching these chips in these chipsets courses they want more seamless integration between these devices so people that know how to use one know how to use another one they can share data maybe even share peripherals things of that nature the depth sensor on the iphone ten recognizes the face but it could someday play a key role in apple's augmented reality software so we'll see they don't really have a release date on windows might happen but it says apple could also look to create a cheaper mac book because the line has stagnated over time in fact mac computers and or laptops have about five percent of the market and it's never been higher than about eight in spin as low as to some years ago so if they had a cheaper mac book it might be able to spur people to upgrade and others that may you're in the windows world take a look at the mac book as an alternative so we'll see when they really get around the product announcements it looks like this could be more of a next year announcement when they had their big developers conference and we of course if apple were to do this it'd be interesting to see because the windows you don't have any popularity of windows mobile phones there less than a half of a half a percent so as you say well we're gonna have windows and have the same interface on a phone.

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