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I mean and say Nagy is learning on the job and developing on a job. Why do you allow God to develop here for three years? Let him go. Somebody else gonna hire me and we got all the growing pains out of them, And they're gonna reap the benefits of absolutely that's the problem is like I know everybody wants change and the 12 and four season kind of built up the expectations. And so it feels like it's been a failure. The last couple of years. If you Zane 888 12 and four this year would be allowed. Wow. He's the greatest thing in the world. Yeah, and but I think you have to look at because what's gonna happen if you fire Matt Navy, He's gonna go back and he's going to coach for Andy Reid will probably take over the offensive coordinator job for Eric the enemy and they'll be gone. And then three years, two years from now, Matt Maggie's gonna be the hot coach because he's working with Pat Mahomes. Josh McDaniels, right. It's not going to be a Josh McDaniels kind of and it hasn't been an abject failure with that. It's been disappointing. What was the expectations? Right? And here's the other problem. We we've talked about this. Now who are the bears going? Who are they looking at to replace him? If you let him go, We already know that up at Hell's Hall. They have difficulty finding the next head coach. They don't have a roll index of guys who they want to talk to looks bad this year, though, guys I will tell you maybe maybe write. It looks bad, though, the way this blew up in his face the way the full thing blow up in his face the way this offense is finally rolling now that he's not calling plays anymore. And they seem to have a different sort of flow and tempo and idea about what they want to do offensively. Too bad Look for mad Maggie. Maybe he could be like Mike Tomlin. We always wondered that Thomas doesn't call plays never has Never will. Commons. Great because of The culture he sets. His attitude. His ability to handle the ability to handle chaos is your car. They asked in that building. That's where Tomlin thrives. That's where John Harbaugh thrives. Not that they don't have a football minds and they have been put in game plans. Of course they do. But that's where Tomlin and Harbach drives three levels of cast love Ian Bell situation, hold out the Antonio brown situation and a villain a wave of going out. To salute the flag during the national anthem against the team's wishes. Whatever they were doing kind of painting, everybody he had to handle all that, and he's always done it. And early in his career, he Ben had quite a few issues himself. Did he ever recycle? He had some domestic abuse ourselves. Sexual assault. Excuse me. Yes, he's dealt with it, and he's been great at it. Nag has been pretty good at it. Maybe that is his strength. Get by an argument for Nagy coming back over paste coming back now you get into Do you really want a new GM to be saddled with coach? There's conventional wisdom that tells you that's not a good idea, right? You know what Freakonomics says about conventional wisdom If you ever refracted if you've ever read Freakonomics Couple award winning economist who say Throw it out the window. And I'm reading Peter King this morning, heaping praise on the Buffalo Bills, saying, You know, Buffalo does it differently, and they did it differently. The coach was there. They brought in this GM. And somehow it's worked beautifully. The GM and the coach sat down together and said, We have to redo our entire roster in your co By. Damn. They've done it. Do you know how many players remain out of that entire roster from when the two of them got there? Two. There are two players on the Buffalo Bills that how many years in like, five years. They read that stunning, isn't it? There are two they sat down together. The GM saddled, quote unquote with the coach, and now they're division champs and yet takes Tom Brady leaving and Cam Newton stinking for that to happen, Maybe, but like Peter's whole argument is, hey, they've done it a little differently. It's sort of bucks conventional wisdom in the NFL, right? And so I could buy met Maggie coming back more than Ryan Pace coming back that I can't. I don't think Ryan pace going anywhere. Either They're gonna They're gonna get him up to the point where they put him on a football side. When they decide to do that he'll be the president. Something else might be the GM. He'll have a role that oversees it all eyes not as much as the role of picking people when it comes to games. In 2 to 34 years if they're all still here, That's the way it's going to end up being my university, Iowa thought when somebody said university since 2017 how many offensive lineman have been drafted by the university? I'll be in the NFL from the university about 17 4017. No, The Bears have one. I know the pattern change. Daniel's Packers is one And this guy for the Buccaneers called Tristan works. Yeah, He's good kid this year. Now he's gonna be a stunt. That's too Since 2017 that have been drafted and had been drafted cannot be won in the first round one in the second round. How many tight ends have been drafted by the University of Iowa in that time, Haakenson I'm gonna bet they don't kid all fans fans, So the answer is 32 of those in the first trial has got you are tied and university is what you are. You are not Online university by any stretch of the imagination. Look at how many approved it. But look at how many Notre Dame kids have been draft all my heavens, and that was his.

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