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At page sub read at very bad wizards you can like us on facebook and get involved in the facebook discussion of each episode you can also us on instagram like us on instagram follow us follow i did that last time too i think follow us instagram you sound like you're forty five years old what about snapchat like what do you do on stab chat think you've you follow but i just i that for the life of me i cannot understand sextets on snapchat well yeah almost any of those that any of those sex sex everywhere except read it and you can support us in more tangible ways and we really appreciate this sponsors kind of come and go and are sporadic but what keeps this going is our supporters and there are multiple ways you can support us all of which are found on our support page at vw dot fm you can click on the amazon link there and then shop as you normally would and we will get a small cut of that you can pay palace one time donation or you can become one of our beloved patriotic supporters and give us a small amount for every.

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