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As you have another question in the harsher well answer one request on your way down here's a question from graham i like i don't know if grams here but i'm gonna roll with it grams here in the middle will be hard for him to get our well dived give him shadow then do you see any benefit in jessica or cody throwing the temptation competition enforcing josh to nominate someone else okay so if they throw the competition the nearby the fault the third nominee and then josh has to put someone else on the block what he thing any merit there i mean little cute to me my answered we know there are already prepared for like if they've if one of them is already on the block they have like pawns ready to go and there's there's plenty of people willing to be ponds unfortunately thursday at least one of them into the veto competition but that christmas could i guess finally pull out her the squeaky wheel greece is on the show yes full jessen cody do what that what they planted during his what cody said was if it looks like i'm going to win just you throw it so that you'll be on the block and have a guaranteed shot a veto so they want one of them to win in one of them to be i totally forgot christmas still had that advantage i thought i always play because there was so much talk that week of like we're blindsiding johnson cody and then we'll use that if they get paid to make sure that cody can't play veto there was so much talk that we can it never came up again i totally at forgotten that it was even with things right bowers it you can swap someone out of the competition the other ones keep your seat for the rest of the game i really critical yeah it's it's always someone who's randomly drawn writer keppy someone who's actually yet private okay week.

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