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And many people who are currently safe are looking for ways to help offering shelter in their RVs of their trailers are offering to take in large animals. Thie air quality is bad, so people are being advised to stay indoors and run air purifiers air conditioners if they can, and there's a really worry that the smoke could be a big hit to lung health in the region. You know, covert 19 is a respiratory virus. And there's a worry that the air pollution will make people more likely to get sick. And if they do get sick, the have a harder time recovering and amazing. Given all this. It looks like these fire conditions are just going to stay in place for the time being no relief in sight Reporter Daniel Benton You know overly Daniel Vengeance Remember station? Thanks a lot. Thank you. Since the pandemic began, the Trump Administration has set up a shadow immigration system on the U. S. Mexico border. Private contractors detain Children in hotels Before they're sent to their home countries. This allows immigration officials to bypass the normal process that would give the Children a chance to ask for asylum in the United States. NPR's Joel rose as the story of two people caught up in the system. It was late at night when Ricardo and Jorge arrived in a hotel parking lot, escorted by armed men in civilian clothes, way went in through the side door. No one was there. We didn't have to sign in or anything. We couldn't see the name of the hotel. Jorge is 16 and Ricardo is 13. They asked us not to use their last names because they're still in immigration proceedings. They're cousins who fled Honduras together after gang members threatened their family. They crossed the border illegally into Texas last month and turned themselves into the border patrol. After spending the night in detention. The boys say they were loaded into a van by the men who were not in uniforms. And they drove three hours to the hotel. Jorge says they were not allowed to leave their rooms for six days. They treated us badly at the hotel. They threatened us normally, when migrant Children travelling alone or apprehended. There are special protections that kick in to make sure they aren't sent back to dangerous situations. They're supposed to be detained and child appropriate shelters before being placed with a sponsor in the U. S while their asylum cases or heard But during the Corona virus pandemic that's not happening up and down the border, Court documents show. Many unaccompanied Children have been held secretly in hotels for days, sometimes weeks until they could be put on planes back to the countries. They came from. Immigration lawyers have figured out which hotel's leading to scenes like this one were detained. Give me your name. Texas Civil rights project posted this video on social media. Last month, he chose a lawyer confronting several unidentified men in the hallway of a hotel in McAllen, Texas, where the group believes migrant Children were being detained by police. Men shove the lawyer back into the elevator now. Private contractors working for U. S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement are detaining these young migrants in hotels in McAllen as well Asshole Paso, Phoenix and San Antonio. According to court papers. The company MGM Ink says its contract with ice prevents it from talking to the media. Ice says those contractors are trained to keep the miners safe and secure. Jorge and Ricardo say they were allowed to call their relatives. They were relieved when they reached Ricardo's father, who lives in Texas. They say they weren't allowed to tell him where they were.

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