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You top this seven? Eight six four five six eight three seven in song when singing the name. Michael Dole EAC. Yes you know who can top that seven eight six? Four five six four eight. Three seven is the telephone number. Someone drop a beer bottle. Yeah I've been drinking all morning. Chris what is the backhanded compliment? That you receive more than any other well before. I reveal it. You guys have any guesses like if you just think. In general in the in the realm of backhanded compliments. What is maybe a nominee? Maybe guest that you guys think I might be going at. You're not so fat. No that's the one I get all the I think yours is. You have nice is okay also could be a back. 'cause like that implies that's all. I have that's Nice backhanded. Part is like you're not so you're not so fat. That's one I get all the time to people mimi. My nickname's fat. Chris and I often get. You're not that fat because we a lot of radio listeners. Yeah so I mean a lot of listeners. And they're like wow. You're a lot skinnier than I am. So that's not it though. Any other guesses I constantly get. You're not as dumb as I thought you were going to be it is. I think that you should can't and I don't think that that's all they're saying right. That saw the one that I'm going to say that I often that Dan. I feel like you're you're with me on this one. I also anytime I post a picture. My wife it says man. You really married up and it's a compliment because they're saying that my wife is nice looking and then I instantly feel awful about myself. A lot of us in here have married kick. Your coverage is what they post a picture of my wife without getting four or five of those comments. Like thanks guys. I haven't heard that one before. Its jocular but in your case. It's legit right. I know but that's it. It's just I don't feel like in the realm of all of backhanded compliments. That's the top. I don't think we can come up with a hypothetical one that's like that's the peak of backhanding complex. Also that's something that girls say to each other right like. Wow He's way too good looking for you. That's not something that insults insults in the language of intimacy among men women do not talk to each other the way we talk to each other. Absolutely do not. I can make that just a general thing that I can stereotype. They are not cruel with each other in that way talking to each other insulting each other that is the exclusive domain of the male. And it hurts my feelings a little bit there. I said it don't do that. People my I got songs here on the line but I don't have any callers up because Chris has been telling backhanded compliment stories. They'll have to hold till tomorrow all right. We'll do it tomorrow. We will do it tomorrow. Thank all night about the way that you will top this when you sing the name Michael Dolan..

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