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Overlap in a very tight circle. I'm pretty certain that Mr David ceiling the details of your life and the stories. You tell tells them so that we cannot see the similarity my only question for him would be who is wilpon on the show. I'm pretty sure it's not Jeffrey. Leon it's probably Richard Lewis because he will have a desire to argue with you and Larry about anything and everything so if we see a Richard Lewis hates analytics episode of Curb. You should sue. Let me also point out. He had an episode recently. That I thought of you. Because they had a friend who committed suicide and they just played golf with them and Larry's like he shot like an eighty two right. Exactly this Larry. David went to sheep's Head Bay High School. He was best friends with J Bloomfield. Who was my dear friend at Harper College? Larry David went to Camp Toga. A- I went to camp tug and met my wife at Camp Toga. I have met him a number of times. He has no particular regard for me. He ran away. Yeah he ran away from a couple of times But I it's not that I don't think it's funny. It's that everything he does. Seems reasonable seems Honda Civic next season Saturday March shepherd. Dr Mark Sheppard. Who I know in Rockville? Someone who's driven to Atlantic City? Many times it is about the same time for little out of the way to go down to exit three on the Jersey Turnpike to the Atlantic City expressway. It avoids all the lights on route. Forty and go straight into town. There is however no reason to get to the Garden State Parkway and this adventure Kudos to wow was helpful employees. I'm not I'm going east. I'm going east of Atlantic City a little southeast of Atlantic City. I'm not going all the way to Atlantic City but thank you Abraham Karzai Karzai. Dear I don't think so dear Dr Tony. Born and raised in silver spring with aspirations in entering the world of sports media frequently. Listened to your show as well as what was tuning into. Pti your expertise on not just sports but the stories of your wacky adventures in.

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