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Gas check out our four part series on board versus Ferrari Atlema one of the greatest rivalries stories ever in sports. There's love loss betrayal and a whole lot of racing. It's a great story one that we wanted here so check out pass gas wherever you get your podcast. August thank you and we're back with Mister Sir mix a lot. I keep on calling you Mr Sir Mix Autumn Mrs Sirs Yeah Yeah. You'd think you'd think there would be enough but no no. I need to put the MR in their buddy. I I met a lady and this just happened two days ago. She's like eighty. Five years old like Cuba's hail right in her granddaughter was getting autograph at Cheesecake Factory Right so she asks her granddaughter who is that. He's speaking to some black. Dude the middle of the cheesecake factory right as she said the bartender does he do concrete us a god. God Damn Good. That's good. I'm actually mad at myself. I didn't come up with that what she said she said see a bartender and she said Nelson. How does he do concrete. I'm like God. Damn it love it. Don't get out much. That's what I mean. I don't believe that I'm kicking myself for not coming up with that job so NBA Fan. Oh Hell yeah definitely yes. So what the fuck. Where did they GONNA. Give you back your sonics. You know what man I was saying this before right. I said this to ice cube and ice cube was like yes. He hoped he because he hates the fucking clippers right. He just loves the Lakers and that's it so I said Look Steve Bomber bought the clippers. Steve bombers from Seattle. You guys don't like the clippers he's GonNa. Don't bring 'em to Seattle and then fuck. Look at what happened. He forget that now then because they're gonNA probably win the championship and then they're going to be there. They're the they're the big fish now out out here in. La So maybe maybe we can you know we got. We got money enough to buy all a memphis fucking. Let's vitals state Tennessee. Take the grizzlies and bring them back here. Yes exactly yeah because it's not really so. I mean like you obviously not thunder fan now. You know it's funny everybody. I never understood why when when the team left everybody hated the players. It's not like the players. Dyke durant jumped up and said I don't WanNa be a saddle. I blamed Clint Clay Bennett. I told people and I'm on record could for this. I told people when I was on tour the year he bought the Sonics and he was in Oklahoma on a radio station and they gave him like this applause like he did some for them and I'm like that sounds. We know the writings on the wall. Yeah exactly exactly it sure enough. He took the motherfuckers Oklahoma. I'm not mad the team I mean I'm a big Kevin Durant Fan. That's my favorite player it really. I'm going to use an old phrase. Don't hate the player hate the game it but yeah no. I mean it's funny because it was just got brought up. Jack Ma just went to the hall of fame this past weekend good and he was talking about bringing back yet bringing back. Seattle ball again and yes but the NBA keeps them talking about how they don't WanNa expand. Don't want to expand and it's like okay. Here's the thing okay how many teams in the NBA right now. How many others thirty teams doesn't that sound on already yet. You know what thirty two is divisible by four perfectly right exactly that it's what are those things where sixteen teams make the make the playoffs which means more than half. Your League already makes yet thirty. Two is the perfect number perfect number man. I don't know who the other one but we definitely need one Las Vegas. I'm GonNa Pitch Las Vegas Man. You know what sports fans in Vegas. Ain't dental even know where daily know how to find downtown Vegas well. We'll see I mean the the raiders are moving over there yeah but you know Oughta fans will be coming from the bay what it'll be coming from L. A. and the Baywatch every week man yeah yeah you know it's not the worst thing in the world. I mean you could see like you know probably like these concierge a types over at these hotels giving away tickets to raiders games the same way they give away tickets to you know yeah exactly or you can go see the raiders one of the two men is that to me the raiders fans though auto the best in the NFL man because think about it. They're getting fucked and they know it but they still show up. They still show up and they were going to ship this last weekend. Man They were. They were loving it. Yep Yep I just I really. I really feel bad for them. And now Seattle fans used to be like these days to sit up there and clap all soft and they were thoughtful and caring. You and I don't know where these big potbelly crazy fuckers with the makeup coming from but I love them. Those are real fans nearly that they're also losing the warriors because they're going across the bay. Yeah Yeh. Eh Warriors a big. That's a big mistake when the forty niners went to that new stadium just call it art. I'm not lying. We were right right outside the stadium. We had just did a show tonight before we were. I don't know why we had to windows down and you couldn't hear Shit. I'm like Bible study in the game. What was going on and now man you gotTa have. That's why the seahawks now. They got real France so I think you know. I don't know man. They got to give us a team. How do you how Eddie feel about the seahawks this year. You know honestly it. This happens with all teams. You'RE GONNA you're gonNA find out what the rams pretty soon. Whenever a quarterback gets gets his hundred plus million dollar deal within two years those teams are done yep because basically can't get offensive lineman. It can't get you know you're you're. You're locked down corner. You can't get any of that stuff so you're kinda stuck with a really great quarterback and maybe one person that throat too and that's it you know and and that's why Tom Brady keeps winning because Tom. Brady is like you know what I'll give you back blank. Just give me four big motherfuckers upfront. I'm good and how about the Patriots trees this year. May I hate them for but they just keep winning. Men Damn my lady. She's a rams fan and she you know super excited about the Super Bowl. Oh and they scored three frigging points and the thing she fucking hates the Patriots but at the same time she watches them. She's like man they like the San. Antonio Spurs from thousands are so precise and it's just so good that you can't help but at least appreciate them you need 'em. She's right and you know it's funny. Their coaches are identical. Popovich is Bella check their short. You know they don't give a shit what you think about him. I love it man and they never fucking smile smile ever that AH I was watching one of San Antonio game and it was somebody interviewing him on the floor united do that in the timeouts and then the Aaron after the time out as she said how come you're not smiling mylan. You're winning by twenty. He said I am perfect. Love Love Popovich Man but no I missed the sonics man. Actually I was as you know. I'm I'm a New Yorker so I am Knicks Fan by default and sorry dude. I was just waiting for you to apologize. Yes thank you but there's Brooklyn. Yes yeah but I'm a I'm a Knicks Fan. Man Like you know Brooklyn like listen. Brooklyn is still New Jersey. It's like you know like I. I live in the East village in New York and it's one of those things where it's like. I can meet somebody in midtown and you know what there's a place in Brooklyn. I live really close to the Williamsburg Bridge and so and could actually could get to Brooklyn a lot faster. I could get to midtown but like their go. on meet you at this bar in Brooklyn the river i WanNa Cross River. Even though it's it'll take me five minutes there in half an hour to get town. I'm like no man like it's Brooklyn. It's the same as New Jersey New Jersey across the river man. I feel so bad for decision. You guys didn't get that first pick. All God has got a dude dude that ruined my week every Christmas. It was freaking June and it ruined Christmas already. Let's let's how bad it was. I was brutal man. I said Oh man that's it's cold in New Orleans loses their guy to l. a. and then they get back to the next an eel. Look great this year you know yeah. I'm I'm actually looking forward. The League Pass Man on I'm looking forward to watch some of those Pelican Games League pass this year. I have the NFL Sunday ticket. I never use it right because I'm always like I- fixate on one game and I never really spin the dial al right but with basketball. I'll jump all over the place so I mean who who do you watch. I mean who do you WanNa. Watch this year as far as basketball. No I mean no. Let's go with football football. I 'cause 'cause the chiefs are always like kind of at the top of my dream would be because I'm old enough to remember when the seahawks where in the chiefs division so I you go back when they were in the AFC my dream super bowl would be Seattle and Kansas City although Kansas City might beat the shit out of us but man looking pretty tight this year man if they get even a Smidgen of defense is I feel sorry for whoever faces them man. Patrick Mahomes is the truth. I just hope we never get hurt. I know honestly. He looks like he could be Stephon. Curry's brother Yeah exactly like baby face. You know yeah yeah like He. It's like any kind of steph curry of of football and really is man and he really is and it's it's weird. Nobody's just smack the shit out on because you know football players get even quick they do like like the NBA and the eighties hard fouls not. GonNa Shit out of people they get. They get away with it or they get paid to that well. I I watch most of the game last week because it got cut off on my Sunday ticket because it got cut off in Kansas City to the technical difficulties difficulties but at the same time like no they beat the shit out of him man like by the end of the game both of his ankles or wrapped and stuff like yeah this this this Kim young books out there that are trying to make a name for themselves trying to put Pat Mahomes out here. I'm just sick of funny when we played New England and you may not notice but we knew it up here in Seattle Seattle there was a a personal issue between Darrow bevelled offensive coordinator and marshawn Lynch and if he had handed marshawn lynch that ball all on the one yard line we would not only do we have beat the Patriots we went down in history 'cause we beat the we would have beaten the two best quarterbacks in the NFL yet who music and Brady when you one after another now he had to go and tell Russell because he wanted Russell to get the MVP nut not marchand so everybody up here knows that but of of course Darrell Bevo. I'm I'm glad they got rid of that Bassett. Once the I I'm a giants fan and there was that rumor for a second that we were GonNa get Russell Wilson and you know and then casino that give Russell Wilson like the the biggest contract like frigging ever practically yeah yeah I think I think I got a feeling that that big contract for quarterback end up in Dallas real quick. Oh you think I got look really good man week one four hundred yards so he's the only one. I know that's coming up. That's a star Star right. I don't know anybody else. That's coming up for contract so he's got you know. He's going to try to get one dollar more than a point of pride now. Now you gotta get gotTa get that extra extra million. I know that's the thing man I'm New York Fan because I'm a New Yorker and it's one of those the things where it's just like everything like the jets the giants the knicks I mean man we suck the jets quarterback gets Mono Mono Mono. What does Darnold has twenty three years old. We got mono well. Look I mean that's okay. I mean look. It's like a forty five year old getting mono. I guess I get it after about eighteen seventeen no no you can always get mono once you get mono pretty much can't get it again essentially as oh you know yeah so he's getting out of the way now but like yeah fuck looking just for real are young quarterback gets frigging monitor. What are the chances of this hit man. I digest can't catch. That's a break man and the giants got the best running back in the game and have they sat down for good yet. No no no. I think they're going to ride this out this puppy. Oh Oh my God wait. Wait wait till they lose their first you know X. amount of games and they're GONNA put Daniel Jones in which I love how everybody was booing him on draft night and then by the time preseason over again because he put together you know put together some really great numbers but against you know during season second and Third Tier Crown Rain Jackets you know exactly I'm holding my breath but at the same time like listen listen if that kick could put it together we got Barclay. WHO's the best running back in the game right now. That's what I believe is. I zeke is good but man Barkley. He reminds me so much Barry Sanders with more power cross-stitching Barry Sanders and priest Holmes Yeah because Yeah because priest Holmes could actually catch it out of the backfield and that's the thing that he put up a seven hundred yards out of the backfield just receiving his first been big contract. He's going to reset the marker..

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