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And Margot unsuccessfully tries to fight or growing attraction to a famously controversial reggae musician. She's excited to interview as the ladies navigate the ups and downs of modern Dany romance Xs and friendships, they learn what they really want out of life and love Jeffrey Chapman, Brandon t Jackson also star too. So proud of the algorithm that wrote that for nut for lifetime. Honestly, Meghan, good, Keri hilson and Kelly Rowland is like that's I don't know who Kelly sue. No idea not gonna look up a mega goods like really funny. Like, you know. Yeah. And you know, cat Dealey. How can you? Go wrong with cat dealy. Also, wrong like hilarious. How this is the same plot as every single rom com. And yet, I'm googling how I can watch it immediately. But anyways, this it's great because life in style magazine did like a very similar like what happened to carry else in article. They put it at what she said about beyond say, which was a wild. And she just like really should not have said anything at all. Because whatever. And then it says because it's a time. I says two thousand eighteen Carey says she's ready for a comeback for real. This time Kerry has been teasing a new album for over two years, which is called L A R or love is a religion like liar. We should all know by now if Keri hilson has taught us anything if to nausea has taught us anything. Do not talk about an album until it is ready to go. Do not tease it unless you know for short is coming out because your fans will treat you like shit up people make fun of you for as I'm thinking about as I'm like sky fiero where the fuck your fucking. We'll know I was gonna say like there's so many people like Kerry who liked kind of burst on the scene, and they're like they have amazing voices and their beloved. But then they just like disappear because of like one misstep it just takes one misstep or not even a misstep just because someone's not in your corner. It's carry it's like Jessie j it's like a Stelle. It's like I mean, it is like sky Ferreira. I dunno. It's yeah. There's a whole category of like specifically, like female, vocalist stuff happens. You never know you like you get you get distracted. And then like you're dropped. And then it's really hard to get back on sky. Obviously is like her own skied journey, you know, like old journey where sky sky is in the trailer for the new that new movie about death metal co starring Val Kilmer. And you know, I mean it. Looks so good is just so fragile early on, you know, like before you actually land. It's just like so so Dell's it could be for any reason not because she was rude to be on say. But that certainly didn't could be exactly and the beehive will will make it happen. If they feel like it that's call Jesse McCartney recently serenaded, judge the puck with his hit beautiful soul. Which one is the who. And which one is the Ben thanks, I refuse to answer this, but we will just play the clip here. Brady, he's on a won't just any. He loves the. So I don't mind of go to way, I want you and your beautiful. So the one now won't shakes. You're the one on. I will let another mini go away. I want you and your beautiful hug phase. I kind of want to answer. What do you? What do you want to say? I think they're both who's that's easy. Okay. Okay. Doug the pug is a who is he who of like famous animals, though, he's a them famous animals, but I think, you know, cultural, cultural wide cut from our Lascaux, boo. Boo died you gotta help put it in the patriot. I liked all boo. RIP boo. Anyways, we're going to play a rapid-fire round of who in them. Because as what we do know. It's a lot of fun. It's become part of the show. And I'm really glad because you guys are always calling and there's always people to do this to as you will tell the possibilities are endless. So let's just get started highlands, Ian, Bobby long-term long time. I have to know is Neal's from catfish fame of who or of them to three who. Yeah. Fishes Jim or cancelled catfish is big. But like me, but I mean, like the concept that he created his big, you know, like his name is he's happy guy..

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