China, ATV, Donald Trump discussed on Thom Hartmann


Know it leaves this is a bioweapons all China's fault and all that kind of stuff is is just nonsense it's just right wing crap John Aurora Illinois Hey John what's on your mind today he yeah I I usually stay at you'd need earlier caller call about the restaurants everything I'd service restaurants and everything in the restaurants he made out of stainless steel if you go to the grocery store you know think about the slicers mean by lunch meat that's all stainless steel develop very clean very well and I can I can guarantee about ninety five percent of restaurants out there you'd be discussing with our you referenced in my earlier note that stainless steel is the single surface on which coronavirus lives longest average three days I am and it just makes everything look at ATV garnered bakery departments all drag everything everything that has to do with manufacturing of food is made out of stainless steel and if most people don't clean very well so I'd be very hesitant to that and to go with the last caller the guy who's standing who's using white gloves I've been wearing the just not the the nitro gloves that you you know you just take off to throw in the garbage are you there during the day and everyone that everywhere because I mean I I own restaurants all day long I go places and I'm exposed to thousands of people and you're saying that people don't think about is that these are the least paid to people in the country they don't get high marks they're going to work sick because if they don't go to work they're not getting paid and they can't afford that did people who can't afford to miss a day late and a homeless yeah so I mean if you think about it I don't see anything in trump's speech yesterday about actually taking care of the people who he did that he did this again a fact yeah I'm just you know it's just construct I guess you just shut up but that's my thoughts no no I I'm with you John.

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