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I mean like We were watching something about a brisket and we were watching the guy and he did brisk it traditional white and he did su vida and the brisket sous vide kinda turned it into almost a steak verses what a traditional brisket on a smoker would be so if you want that traditional way of cooking a brisket then you still need to stick with a smoker. You don't need a suv. Lead it but if you want to take a brisk and you wanna turn it into stake then do it supersede. So i mean it completely changed the the flavor of the brisket. Oh man. I wonder yet. Because you're you're not you're losing that that you're not you're not rendering the fat. Just they just warm now I think another big thing that people need to be prepared for in in some people's not When you cook something savvy and pull it out it is not. It is cooked temperature At char marks the things that you see on a grill or not. They're in it. It's very off putting you can look at a stake. Who saw that tonight. Yes gator tail is not a visually appealing appealing suv. You'll get your big fillet of cod. It yeah i was like oh i mean. The stakes are gray. Usually when they come out. They look like they've been decomposing on your counter for a week. Microwave stakes yeah absolutely. So you gotta be kinda prepared for that There is obviously the the space side of it. You know they do take up. Some room If you if you want to get one of ours is. I think the pro model of the brand. We've got but i think it's a thousand twelve hundred watt item. So you're running at twelve hundred watt item for you. Know four or five six hours of what you're cooking so there's electric so there are some drawbacks to it It is very easy to use. But then again there's a finishing step always usually peering process Something like that. So it's not a it's not necessarily a one and done it just a different way of doing it And if you enjoy cooking if you wanna put some time into it than yeah think cool move and you will need a vacuum sealer. If you're not putting what ingredients in there. So i mean. I guess you could always do the water immersion. Always but if you're doing like a dry rub on something. The vacuum sealers the way to go. So once you buy the severe. There's another expense ear looking at. Yep yeah that's true My buddy for this space saving He has just the wand but he diseases like a stock pot. The already has so. That's kinda minds like a in line system. Essentially like a stainless steel box with everything already built into the water inside of it kinda regulates attempt so no need for one but it's not it doesn't circulate the water. It just brings the water to that temp tilles. A heating element in the bottom. Yeah it's different that brings up. I mean you know people a lot of times. You have to make sure whatever using stays underwater. That's a whole the thing that will be so. There's usually a clip involved when you start finish floating at the surface..

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