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Could friend Bobby Harrison? Atlanta he was in another camping conference and he was talking for some staff if they knew the story behind the Telera, how the regard to Emma Company can. They said No. So, bobby called me up that next day, and he said Larry. We gotta tell the story of the tower because it's an incredible story, who sells or Roberto Clemente Baseball Bat Tobia Torah. Nobody matter of fact, some people would say that they would sell the tower by Roberto Clemente Baseball Bat. So. We had a rededication and we invited Roberto Clemente Junior. To the camp and we rededicated the tower Roberto Clemente was there, he was able to speak on behalf of his family. It was again. It was a meaningful moment, not obviously for me. Okay, but more importantly for the kids that were there because they got to learn a little bit about Roberta's Dad, which most of them no crew. was. That's such a great story. You have lots of really inspirational sayings and life lessons that you learned and shared over the years liaisons I love this one. Take the high road. Tell me a little bit about the inspiration behind that saying I think everything always comes back to where I. started my career at the Pittsburgh JC and coaching and the opportunities to teach, it's easy to teach somebody to dribble a ball or to to make a basket, but it's the life lessons and we. We dealt with a lot of diversity along the way there was a number of occasions you know when we would go and different churches or if. If an facility, a lot of anti-semitism and I would be in that time out. I taught my guys and said listen on the high road. Do the right thing. Okay? We win like a champion. We lose like a champion. Those are just words, but I always believe that actions. Okay, we're stronger than words and it just as an example, so we'd be in a jammed, and we played in the Cyo Youth League Catholic Youth Organization. We were the only Jewish community center team. The plague and we go to a church, and there was just some stupid people there, and they would say stupid things. They would throw pennies or they just. Weren't nice. Sometimes, we have to have a police escort to come out and then when that church group came.

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