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Guys. What they're doing here only happens one to two days out of the week. I'm going to be honest. This is really exciting. Very rarely does a person. Actually get to see this happen. I met the Jack. Daniel's distillery in Lynchburg Tennessee and what I'm watching is a crucial step and why the whiskey that's made here is unique under this. Huge metal put surrounded by four concrete. Pillars is an enormous stack of sugar maple wood and it is on fire. It's GonNa Barn for an hour and a half it's gonNA reach. Temperatures closed eighteen hundred degrees. And when it's done it's natural law. Charcoal that charcoal will be ground up into piece is pieces and then using a process called. Charcoal Mellowing Wall. We're going to do a strip whiskey through charcoal and this is what makes us Tennessee. Whiskey this is GonNa make your whiskey extremely smooth and this is what separates us from Bourbon for more than one hundred and fifty years. Jack Daniels has been making whisky this way going all the way back to the day with Jack Daniels made it himself. Yes he was a real person and Y'all are only listening to me because I have a can of whiskey sitting right there in Tennessee. There's a long tradition of Scotch Irish settlers who turn grains like corn into moonshine but charcoal filtering. Let's not something they were known to do before coming here. So where did Jack Daniel pick that up from? Nearest Green the formerly enslaved man. Who taught him how to make whisky? What nearest green did and what he changed is what we now forever. No Tennessee whiskey from business insider. This is brought to you by giving brands now stories. You don't on Charlie.

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