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Up for only $69 Michael and son Traffic and weather on the 8s here's Mary de pampa in the traffic center All right John good morning to you and thank you We're going to start out on the Virginia side of things We had a working crash had is the operative word our listener Jeff saw them picking up the cone southbound 95 You're still delayed through Dale City to get past the dumfries X at one 5 two where there is activity now lining the left side of the runway So be sure to scoot over for safety easy pass express lanes do point southbound a lot of visitors in those at this point And route one as an alternate was also pretty heavy as the bailout option for this crash But again getting it out of traveling things will shake free watch through Stafford county no delays now but usually where the easy pass express join in that will start to bog down hasn't happened yet 66 east out of Gainesville with a new traffic pattern passing 29 gainsville watch for a split in the lanes but they've picked up the single lane travel that was in place earlier than noted and you're going well Once your past 29 principal passing two 34 Prince William Parkway toward manassas watch for the lane shift cones but you're doing much much better now The crash that was westbound 66 after the beltway cleared behind the work zone so all delays have dissipated on the Maryland side traveling Baltimore Washington Parkway south out of Maryland city to get past one 97 heavy and slow with a crash maybe a single lane getting by A lot of events converging in the district today And right now we've already got street closures southwest to include independence and through federal center and on the northwest side capital to include Pennsylvania and constitution two separate events check out WTO dot com for all the closures I tell you the freeway your tunnels across the mall third street tunnel New York avenue all will stay open and right now the WTO traffic center is brought to you by fit small dot com Where you save on a used car Fitzgerald has hundreds of cars and trucks and SUVs and next to a new car a fits where you use cars best visit fit small dot com today married to pump at WTO P traffic Storm team four's Ryan Miller we are looking at a sunny but much less toasty morning here Yeah we are not going to be seeing anything like we saw yesterday John with respect to the high heat 99° yesterday at Reagan national.

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