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It was all super healthy and I was like, yeah, grew like, talked up the hot bar to my dad or whatever, and we couldn't find anything, but you couldn't couldn't. I think. They're depending upon the region, the area for sure what they got those bars for sure. Oh, and then so since Amazon owns them, if you have a prime membership, you get discount. Fuck off. I didn't know that, but listen, I could've rented thing. Listen to the shrimp, so they told me this. I've got this like big order. They told me and I was like, oh my gosh, she I am put my thing in. I got ten cents off. Oh, so I was like, yes, yeah. What do you say to that? Thank thank you like what the fuck is that thank you for your dime off. We'll just like basis basis, bro. Sense. Why do you think is the richest man in the plane? That's why. Why? Because you don't this Kelly. Excited and. And they thing too. They were excited about it. You got ten cents off those care. I was just like, again, have to act like Jerry's Reiter dollars. Oh, that's great. Thanks basis. You fuck. Thank y'all. Fuck. Fuck. Thanks to all those documentaries that make me feel like I need to eat that shit anyway. No, no, that's the thing. Healthy is nine thousand dollars a month plan, so sucks sucks. That'll bring to the revolutionary figure of the day. Shall we? James? We shall revolutionary figure. The day goes out to up to Joe Colom. Joseph Hardin Cologne, he's an American entrepreneur graduate of Stanford business school. Oh, he's a member of alpha Kappa Lambda. I don't know what that means..

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