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Dave, Anthony. That's me. I read story from American history to my friend. Oh, the less ego driven Gareth Reynolds. Who has no idea what the topic is going to be about. Thank you sir. I would like to point out that I will be at the Albany funny bone. Here we go. Fourth, fifth and sixth, and then I'll be at rooster teeth, feathers in California, November first, second, third and fourth, come dance with Garvey. Okay. We, sorry, we this one sold out and we should have bigger theatre, but you guys can all you. Don't tell that they're here. But. Booking for buildings, small venue, we could get it a lot more than this. A lot of people in Pittsburgh couldn't come. Can you guys all quickly l.. L.. At my agent. Fuck you, Josh. Good. Where's the beer? So there's no beer and it's a small. All right. Let's get Josh here. Okay. And we have all the beer. Now I know how fucked up this is. I wanna thank Joe vine who might be here for helping me out. Tonight's topic research. Yes..

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