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Welcome to a very special episode of polygons equality control podcast it is the star wars the last jedi i deep dive episode we don't talk a ton of movies movieseer quality control but it's it's kind of an an annual tradition now three years running for us to talk about star wars let's let's get into it i've got with me today our entertainment editor suzanne apollo how are you susan i'm good a nice star wars weekend nice also joined in a senior editor of opinions ben could share a how are you bent i'm doing great i'm preparing a nice dinner of poor for me in the mainly tonight as other poured look at me balefully and guides editor dave tacan where he dave good in conflicted i failed store were i think a lot of us a conflict that i myself am so conflicted with this movie i had to go see it twice i did not like it the first time and then i went and saw it at in four d acts eddy merckx is cinema which in my opinion was a waste of money the blade runner forty ex experience was much better but we talked about that on a different podcast but i left that second viewing that more detailed viewing thinking that this might be like my second favorite star wars of all time that's when when room room yeah susannah what did you there why reviewed it for polling on so you guys can read my my opinion i in great detail but i i super enjoyed it i really like where i really like the the place that it took everyone from the end of force awakens and where put i think the movie really surprised me in making some decisions that i didn't expect but that were smarter than what i expected it to do.

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