President Trump, Paul Waldman, Obama Burge discussed on 24 Hour News


Again, Tommy John's dot com use promo code Ben for twenty percents off the media have decided that President Trump is to blame which was predictable. Paul Waldman in the Washington Post, actually, just blames the president of the United States straight out. He says allow me to suggest that blame is too narrow away to make sense of a series of attempted bombings aimed at precisely the people Trump and other Republicans spend a huge amount of time vilifying, we don't have to look for clues about whether the person. Responsible has had the hat or went their party registration as we don't have to assign direct blame beyond a reasonable doubt. What we can say is this given what Trump has Trump has done and said, this was absolutely rentable. In fact, it's wonder it took this long. So in other words, we don't need to wait for evidence. Right. There's a guy who's overtly making the case in one of the nation's premier newspapers you don't need to wait for evidence. And if you wait for evidence, then you're doing something wrong. Instead, I'm going to jump to the conclusion I want to jump to which is that President Trump is responsible for all of this. Here's a Waldman says it's not just that Trump advocates violence against his political opponents, though, he does is that everything about his rhetoric pushes his supporters in that direction. Even if the overwhelming majority will never quite get to the point where they'll actually commit this kind of act of terrorism. There are those of us on the right who felt that President Obama Burge pretty easily on promoting violence. Sometimes when he talked about what the police were when he talked about how the police were overtly and systemic. Racist. When he said that sort of stuff we felt like, okay? Well, you know, is that an indication that maybe violence is okay. There are folks in New York felt that way people on the NYPD who felt that way that so much. So that when Bill de Blasio after ripping the police for months actually went to a policeman's funeral who was shots death. Members of the NYPD turned their back on him. And then the bar for evidence is extraordinarily high here to blame somebody for violence incitement, you actually have to have evidence. But the left doesn't care about evidence. They're not interested in evidence coming up C N N's, Jeff Zucker doing a lot of journalists Ming himself. He has decided President Trump.

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