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Again to hall of Famer Jackie MacMullan for stopping by there coming up in a little bit we'll talk some football with our NFL nation reporters rob Demovsky and Jeff Dickerson we'll do a little of Packers and bears with them will also talk alliance and will do some Vikings as well so we do the NFC north this show today were up until four o'clock eastern so make sure you you stick around and listen to that of course Ramona Shelburne will join us at three eastern to talk about her story on Michael Jordan and this documentary and how it all came about and obviously we can talk about the NBA and what's transpired here over the last couple of days with Adam silver's conference call with the media with Ramon as well she's one of our NBA insiders so lots to talk about here throughout the show thank you for tuning in today here on ESPN radio so the question is what is the greatest dynasty and we're the bulls rank on this now Katie this one's interesting like if you go way back right the Celtics dynasty of the sixties obviously has to be in that conversation with bill Russell in them you know a more modern version of it could be you know the the Lakers had a dynasty that ran with Kobe Bryant first with Jack right later with pal console in a different group are there a lot of different dynasties just within basketball that we can discuss let alone the other sports oh absolutely I think maybe just in terms of compartmentalized in we start with basketball because you mean you mentioned the Celtics in the sixties with bill Russell won eleven which is just unfathomable and in my opinion at this point and in just the grand scheme of basketball at this point hi the Lakers you know two stints I mean you you mentioned Kobe and Shaq in the early two thousands but what about Kareem and magic in the eighties and then could you could you might throw the spurs and their you know what you know who Tony Parker and obviously Tim Duncan with their three titles and three oh five and seven I think they went every other and then obviously the warrior and then they say one more yeah yeah yeah oh yeah they were well Duncan himself Duncan himself the other guys one four and Duncan himself one five but it was all over span of fifteen years which is the one that people have the biggest issue with because they're like you know they weren't all it wasn't the exact same group and you know Tim I guess was the one piece that keeps them together but they were so far apart and spread apart the people have a real issue with the spurs I don't I I I take it as a fifteen year run yeah absolutely I mean it's a longer run them but but but couldn't you say that about the Celtics with bill Russell I mean that was short from fifty seven to sixty nine or something like that so I mean that's kind of similar in terms of how many years it took for them to win but that it they are winning consecutive content you read so many I don't know it's it's an interesting I definitely would say the bulls are up there to be able to do two different three peats like that and such a quick amount of time is pretty miraculous but many could even take it a step further to college basketball right UCLA in that team time paired with yeah I mean who is it Lou Alcindor could you take it to college football with Alabama I'm just trying to rattle off some like obviously the New England Patriots right of of football what other sports dynasties yet liaison he's clearly the the Yankees had you know the fifties and not only that but clearly the the two thousand students they had a great run in the two thousand so we'll open it up to the phone's eight sep eight seven seven seven eight eight eight seven two nine three seven seven six eight eight say ESPN let's start with Austin California what's up Austin would you got hello guys you know what my mind was just changed actually because I forgot about what I was going to shoot bill Russell and the great Celtics of the sixties for you know what I respect what was it like six or seven NCW championships in a row that would be ridiculous today it's hard to win two in a row today so I might be wrong on the number of consecutive wins but John wooden and those who feel late run Joe they weren't sure yeah they were a factory basically when you think about it and the transition from Karim was lost under to Walton like that it was an amazing run for John wooden they weren't that look they still are in my opinion and I know Arizona fans will push back on this but when UCLA is right UCLA basketball's right there's no other school on the west coast that resonates the way they do just because it's it's the history it's LA like I just think it changes the dynamic now it for sure does and I'm just checking here so UCLA ten division one championship sixty four sixty five sixty seven to seventy three and then seventy five so from sixty four to seventy five a one ten which is just could you could you imagine a team well something like that all right now you can't no get imagine that this is the same pulling that off today like at at you mention Alabama college football like they haven't won all of them but they've been in with what seems like all of them right but that's probably the closest thing that you can get to it let's go back to the phones eight eight eight say ESPN eight eight eight seven two nine three seven seven six Eric is in Anaheim what's up Eric Hey what's up guys that so many great dynasties tough to take but I just got to go when you look at the history of the name I gotta go with it yet the fifty thank you because when you look at mantle Berra Whitey Ford and the dominance they had winning I think eight out of ten Republicans on more than that really I just think that what the president of the Yankees being the greatest sports franchise so I look at them but when you look at the bulls do you think if NCAA doesn't go to baseball those final two years do you think their yards or pass the the rockets they're in win eight straight because I really manage I know we missed out on seeing that what do you think happens if any of the missiles two years after that wouldn't be what I love to see him matched up against those two rockets teams worked out amazing don't get the credit they deserve thank god thanks Eric appreciate it and here's the thing Katie with that and it is an age old question right but they didn't have the same group coming back yes the added Tony Cuco ge but Horace grant wasn't available in in that particular stretch like I think that that's part of the reason why I felt like they fell short you know because Horace grant played with the bulls still ninety four so those years in the middle maybe they could have gotten Dennis Rodman earlier maybe they could have beaten the rockets and one those two in the middle but I don't know if it was a given by any stretch of the imagination no I don't think so I'm gonna let me just a testicular speaking I probabilities yeah I mean I know we just we just talked about UCLA and John wanted but I just can't fathom just from probability standpoint and George you know me I am no by no means a mathematician I just could not fathom winning eight in a row I mean that that there's such a few room for error and I think maybe had they won if he had stayed eight one six four five in a row I don't necessarily think that six seven and eight would have been an issue in to come after in so maybe like that's his fate right he leaves he comes back and you have these just pockets of of sheer greatness and in two different three pizza ma'am it I if that's exactly what was supposed to happen yeah yeah it it it played out the way it was supposed to have Mike needed a break for whatever reason and and that's the way it turned out and they were able to get what I thought was even better squad moving forward with the second three peat does everyone who didn't get in on the calls we apologize we'll get back to you in a little bit coming up next the NFL nation takeover weekend we'll talk to representatives of the bears and Packers next here on ESPN radio you lose the game day on ESPN radio Jordan.

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