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Of all jj why theories were not in this town jimbo and age town dose slander jj's name he's worth every penny shut the f up onward what slender will do i i would we do what are we saying i mean it's a fact five games two years there and he is the reality of it stood reality of his leg when we said of way back in the day of like there's no way he should be plan to gate two weak seven or eight yeah now we had our boy a doctor told ramos on tuesday the exact same day said if you've got up because we had what a back and in a growing like back back yeah yeah nnor and i was he rushed back to sue russiabacked way too so you'll never too soon for our first call of the of the evening go out to uh san antonio's guys a legend you've heard him on the program once before with her boyfriend he deal its reach out to san antonio bitter mike on a carphone was a bitter mike caroline good evening very quickly we will make you sir house your christmas oh the time of the family that some people who came in come from california a and uh also from austin so all was good everybody shake thank you a timer i've been in my house oh yeah you're watching watching some football in college football the different course what can my raiders finally get eliminated from the playoffs so i can find a blow up there can of two thousand seventeen she was law season a lot like you know what be pectins experienced accord um you guys head injury who use had uh uh lifted say underachievement uh so uh we we we really don't have any excuse me look we had uh we had the highest paid offense of one in in the game which was bad though look we do the only question coming into the to the healing was our defense but we had topnotch receivers where yet an nfl mvp calva quarterback and garrick car uh we had to be coming out of retirement all was all was the lined up and then the office this was future the entire he i mean if your last night who was a microcosm they missed a field goal.

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