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The nuggets win over the T wolves. It's an honor. You know, obviously, there's a very small part of me that wanted just to relax of my family and be a husband and be a father for a few days. But anytime you can represent your team your city your fans at the all star game is an honor Malone will coach the team picked by the Lakers. Lebron James college basketball coming up momentarily Georgetown at number fourteen Villanova and Minnesota at number seventeen Purdue three NHL games this afternoon on super Sunday at. Twelve thirty eastern time face off for the Bruins in capitals in Washington to eastern the Oilers that the Canadians also to eastern flames at the hurricanes. Peter schwartz. This is the moose and this has we have a full recap of Super Bowl fifty three moves. You gotta TASR rans and patriots. We react. Join us tomorrow morning. Six eastern three Pacific. Patriots. They've been doing it as consistently as any wargin. Ization France-Presse with so many things that they. Super Bowl fifty three Sunday at two on Xtra sports thirteen hundred a lot of things put bullrings not one of them. Smart stupid. Idiotic brilliant, genius unrealistic. This pony express. How I see the game now versus how it used to see it. And you know, so much of it is coach Bela checks influence on me as well, as you know, what coach Bocek taught Josh mcdaniels who have worked with for so long. It's just such a great advantage for me as a young player wasn't in advance as young player to learn so much and then try to carry that on. For as long as I have. So it's been it's been a lot of fun. Here's Andrew Phillip pony. Tom Brady on his relationship with Bill Belichick hoodie and the goat getting ready to take on the Rams the way this whole thing. Started a rematch two thousand one Super Bowl thirty six Adam venit. Terry. Tom Brady's game winning drive that kick a huge upset is a double digit underdog in the Super Bowl. And now here we are. Almost two decades later getting ready for ballot. Check in his sixties.

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