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You know old email address that we kinda track down because she runs these kind of like retirement centers in in switzerland which we knew of and then we kinda just sent her an email and told her a little bit about what we are doing and started a conversation with her and it kind of became very clear very quickly that she felt like you know she's never had really told her side of the story which was interesting to us because as we had talked to government officials in oregon and in the united states government you know these are people that described sheila like quote unquote cure evil so for us it was interesting to hear what she has to say and that was kind of what would definitely one of our key interviews in the series so we kind of pick up on the series beginning in nineteen eightyone can you fill in just holes so what happened in india prior to nineteen eightyone which would make them want to leave was it just a tax issue or was it more than that yeah so you know indian bureau aguada rushing knees built this massive following of westerners from europe and america who kind of flocked to his office rahm to crack this his teachings of you know western capitalism of eastern mysticism and a message of free love and there and attracted a lot of like really i lean collagen intellectuals from very successful careers who found that they were unfulfilled life and so there's a couple of different perspectives on by they left the all shaw in india from the perspective of the followers you know sheila tells us that they had outgrown their land india that guan wanted success outside of india he felt like if he could be popular in the united states that his message would resonate around the world and so that they were looking at kind of a place where they could kind of build their their their holy land there they're rauch perm they're sort of utopia which would be their headquarters.

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