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Southern Ocean, Tasmania, Emily discussed on The Science Show


And so on. Absolutely freezing hands tied state water samples, and the really very cold conditions. And sometimes the waves say strong. The conditions say rough that we have to stop Louis onto experiments. When you say water sample. Presumably of the movement they're over here is water with the different constitutional, whatever. It's both. Actually, one of the key measurements that we've been taking for many, many, many decades, simply just the temperature and this Lindsey water. Because by looking at those, you can understand where the water has been coming from. So we can detect water in the Southern Ocean around and taught. That's come all the way from the north lanting and we're able to determine that by looking at the temperature insolence water batch thousands of kilometres. Yes, it's really amazing. So there's this huge global overturning secular at the ocean that connects up these hugely distant parts of the world, and it's incredibly important to understand that circulation because it's the way in which heat and carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, then get sick lated around the globe relations. Very important from standing climate change. We're, of course talking about something not terribly far south of stray. Leo south of Tasmanian show on. What right to SIS public goes very strong and fast or what? So two different things. One is the overturning secularization at the Asian that say, brings won't of rule away from the North Atlantic down to the bottom of the Southern Ocean. And then back up to the surface at the sedation, that's incredibly sleigh. There's also a current that circulates around Antarctica south Tasmania, and that's his shoes, strong current at something like the equivalent of five hundred Amazon rivers all flowing and talked and the two connected actually that overturning circulation and the shoot Antarctic's composer current apart of the same dynamics and Herbert who we have sitting next to me here is an expert on fluid before we get to Herbert, what are you doing? What are you trying to make sense of the key thing that we're trying to make sense of is understanding the amount mixing that goes on in this other nation. And that's really important primarily because it's. Key to understanding what drives these huge that relations. Specifically, we've been trying to understand the amount of sensually stirring that goes on. So you imagine a Cup of coffee for example, and you pour some thick cream into that coffee and stir right around, you'd see some patents in the cream as you do. So what we're wanting to do is basically quantify how much mixing how much stirring goes on in that sort of process shall almost impossible to calculate with all those currents green different directions, but how you do it will it is, of course, a complicated problem and with only begun to understand reasonably recently before the few measurements and docked. But there are very strong currencies Emily has said, but now we have a few floats and understanding of the mathematics. I mean, we know the quesion. So what using both mathematics and some relatively sophisticated new ideas in pure mathematics to see how best we can. Understand the data and put it together. Those Argo floats we have in Tasmania where they mount floating the in BAC messages via satellite all the time. Yes, I find a tra- Michael because I have been to the tactic, but I had a totally different experience to Emily the son Sean most of the time, and it was wonderful. I remember being up eighteen hours a day and enjoying all of it even when we came close to a nice book where I wanted to take some measurements. But yes, we do follow different floats. And the thing that I found fascinating on that trip, we had three floats that we put out. One was controlled from the ship. One was controlled from southern California and the other somewhere in Europe. And I thought it was fascinating that these floats that we were launching control from elsewhere and gave us good data because what we could also do in the control is have the move up and down. So we got a lot of data from that obvious. Is influenced by sorts of things, the wind and who knows what else, but also the terrain, which is below deep in the ocean, the values in the mountains, huge mountains do take that into consideration as well..

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Southern Ocean, Tasmania, Emily discussed on The Science Show

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