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I was like yeah man me too. I think that every tunnel if you play but yet he's been a joy macphail bridges like i just don't think the numbers will be there to get like the traditional noting but i mean maybe the most efficient wayne basketball right now Like his rim rim efficiencies ridiculous. I think shooting better than gobert. The room last. I checked a couple days ago in gobert guy who's also getting set up for a lot of plays so yeah mckelvin awesome. I've liked seeing them. Expanded offense of utility nothing huge but you know the jumpers from better you know he's he's runoff aligned. More sitting at the that two or three zero pope with big long strides. And i release point. The run the occasional Second side will hand off. Form things like that to get downhill with his size. so yeah. I think if you're gonna go on another like young wing. I'd say the oggi's improved. I stole the word through mouth. But he's been fun this year. No it's been a pretty tough and frustrating for the raptors for ray of reasons but i'm the dudes at forty eight percents from the field. Forty percent three fifty six thousand teus. is free thirds up. A little bit. I think Seen a little bit more passing is he. He's he's still has issues of celebration because it doesn't have much and burst and his handle can be kinda got some premeditated moves. He reiterated now But the story he is a he has learned how to use a strength. I remember that the played really early in the year land or he just absolutely like bonus again. Game against the patriots may back in january maybe february yeah And so i mean he's just he's taste so his fifty one percent of his assistants series at sixty percent shooting just better. he's slightly worse term for relative to assume but i think creation burden is higher. The team qualities much worse. So he's another guy that he hasn't really awesome and he might he. He is a strong case for fraud. Defense this year to. He's been absolutely killer on that. Yeah he would definitely be my all defense. And i did my all decency last year Will not last year last week. And i had him on it. But do you have any other guys. You wanna add or you move on. I think that i think that is. There's a pretty extensive list. i mean. Obviously joel embiid himself. Four nicole. Yoga ge- They're both simply better. Players know where last year. But i think they're kind of thirteen different different type yet during the mvp feels wrong to like some growth from like a set of boy bringing scored at twenty nine. Like i can't really include you in in both. It just feels wrong to the awards somehow but yeah all right. So let's talk about the timber wolves. Because i have really i mean i've enjoyed washington play..

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