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That was obviously thrilling for me. I hope you enjoyed it Jonathan frakes is a true original. A one of a kind guy. And if you WANNA know more about directing actors. We have a lot of good stuff on no school. Dot Com the do's and don'ts of directing actors according to actors as opposed to we have We have a lot of other good stuff about it. Such as directing actors common conflicts and how to avoid them But I also let everybody know if you don't know already we have a new book on school dot com how to write a screenplay during quarantine. It's completely free. It's one hundred pages. It's filled with examples plus infographics. Plus it takes you through a ten week process of how you can write a screenplay including some weeks you get off cheeks and you will finish your script by the end of this thing. We have done so much work researching and writing about screenwriting. It's written by our own Jason Heller men who is working screenwriter and has been for years but this is a really good resource. And all you have to do is sign up for the newsletter to get it so go in a phone school dot com go to how to write a screenplay during quarantine and get this book and obviously keep listening to the podcast and rate subscribe like us and let us know what you thought. And if you have any questions for me or for Jonathan frakes affordable along to thanks again..

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