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You know, other free agent, and then they're going to still have to work with the coups MOS, and the balls and the Ingram's and the other guys that they have. And that's who the Lakers have put together so far. So I don't know don't you feel that somebody is going to pay a price. Besides LeBron James for them missing. Only front autrey from Luke Walton on on back. Yeah. Don't you think somebody's somebody's going to be gone by the time? They start next season either the coach or someone in the front office or somebody that kind of aronoff group in Dench. Mitch somebody in the front office would have to be one of those beloved figures that we've been talking about in in Hollywood because it would have to be Magic Johnson. And you guys me say this for me says before what has magic Edward rob Pelinka. While the first Cousy is going to be Luke. Well, he'll be collateral. Could be rob Pelinka too. Or Luke, maybe magic unproven in an executive capacity. We have seen the the interesting run of Absopure's stars or highly highly valued players, and how some and very few have have really reached the pinnacle only one reached the pinnacle that he's one of the all-time hall of fame executives as well as hall of fame player in Addis, Jerry West and there have been others had moderate success. But nobody to the extent Jerry West did. And so, but it's not that easy. You know it anyway, no magic has improving anything yet. And I am Bob looking at the Lakers right now, in my opinion. And it's not the first time. I've stated it. They are in as much disarray off the court as they are on the court, and you now start to wonder if all those attractive free agents aren't seeing the same crap were saying, I'm sure someone's pointing it out to them. And that's very interesting Mike about it. And. This has been going on for quite a while. You know, the bus brother sister, you know, split. Oh, yeah. That's ever since Dr Jerry, you know, went to his final reward that has not been the same. But it's funny because you know, back in the day, they were the ideal chain of command team, the owner owned the GM GM the coach coach and the players played in their proper roles in their proper. Coordination, and it was wonderful. But and they were they saw the results with the championships. But no, it's not it's not the same there. As far as your questions because this interesting this puts lie to my old theory would that the Lakers would never be bad because they're LA and Sunan fund and championship legacy that there's no way to Lakers would ever be bad. And they're about to lose miss out in the playoffs for what the six to eight year. Whatever it is. Hey before we go on guys. Let me say this about pair club. Our sponsor. You know, your confidence.

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