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Finally opened her this black friday with advertisers flyers in hand some shoppers waited not ours but days for the promise discounts for others it wasn't necessarily the lure of a bargain price that had them waiting it out is a tradition with dennis was only 10 years i mean it's something that we make doing and where the doors finally opened her four days camping trip in this urban parking lot finally kinkel closed jim ryan abc news houston potentially significant development in the investigation into russia's election meddling lawyers from michael flynn say they will no longer share information with president trump's legal team about special counsel robert muller flynn was trump's national security advisor in a key figure in mothers investigation into whether there was any collusion between the trump campaign and the russians during the election if in fact is an end to cooperation between these two teams had could be a sign flynn is now cooperating with muller's probe the search has been called off four three sailors who've been missing since wednesday's navy cargo plane crash north of the philippines argentina's search for a missing submarine as ended in agony argentina's navy has told the families of forty four missing submariners that all on board a believed dead a spokesman says an unusual noise detected by the us hours after the submarine went missing was consistent with an explosion the blast on the morning of november fifteen is described as abnormal singular short violence and known nuclear families have reacted angrily to the news as the search for the missing sub continues at his abc's in panel a south african court has increased the prison sentence of former olympic runner oscar pistorious that amputee athletes will now have to spend thirteen years in prison for the 2013 murder of girlfriend riva steenkamp meaning to abc news newsradio time is five o to some ardmore shoppers and bargainhunters out for hours already getting a start on the holiday shopping season with several retailers opening late yesterday at best buy important i'm here to get.

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