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You update. Scott. Fox thirteen has confirmed that the bus is called Quine tours bus. I called around Klein tours is not a vendor of SAS. I got that confirmed earlier. This is the statement from kind tours our thoughts and prayers are with the child and the family who was wounded we are cooperating with law enforcement and allowing them to do their job. We will list them in any way that we can. In the meantime, we hope that the perpetrators are apprehended and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. As other pertinent information is made available. We will share whatever we have. So again at teen has been transported to Bonner after shots fired. Witnesses around there say that they heard as many as three gunshots fired directly at the bus one bullet hole. They're saying in the bus windows shattered and a fifteen year old girl has been injured in the Memphis. Police department. Says the victim they just put this out. The victim was transported the hospital in non critical condition. If anyone has any information concerning this incident, they should call crime stoppers at five to eight cash. Their original posts our officers responded to a shots fired. Call in the area of rains in Graceland officers locate a school bus that have been shot at rains mill branch, one female fifteen injured, it's unknown. If the victim shot her if she was injured due to broken glass, and we're still waiting to get an update on that from the feed of the Memphis police department. So again that is what we have there on that one five three five nine seven three two. You have shots fired in broad daylight in a busy intersection where there's plenty of witnesses at a school bus. At a school bus. This coming and I go back to August thirtieth. You had a five year old that was hit by a stray bullet as a gunman aimed for somebody else. In the mid south that happened in west Memphis. I mean, we see this happening all the time. There were multiple people that were killed murdered this weekend in Memphis. There were people that were shot in Memphis this weekend. What does it take to.

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