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But you know we're talking about Three and four first round draft pigs, So I I'm just not optimistic about it. Uh, I'll be very happy and very, very, uh, Supportive if we were able to get that, but it's just I don't know. I just don't see that light is dim, Dim that that actually is a little too visual for me, Big fella. I don't like that at all more from cream Jackson on TMZ on whether or not the Broncos are interested into Shawn Watson. I honestly don't know is far as the hand tricks I know. I mean, Drew a lot just finish here, too. And we think highly a true You know, she was a great guy. You know, He's great in the locker room. No, he's uh He's becoming a leader right before my eyes. You know, he has all the tools, you know. So I'm not really sure the answers you know, from my own personnel and our style, but I mean, If the shining watching goes anywhere they are, they are automatically contenders. You know, if he has pieces around him, he's automatic continues, You know, I mean, with him being in Houston, you know, we're not very Many pieces last year. You know, he was gonna give him a fighting chance every every Sunday. You know, Regardless of the guys around them. I mean, he's just that special so I mean, he could turn any franchise around. Definitely gonna have to give up a lot. No, it's from some key pieces, probably on your team, but I mean, he's a young guy. You know, Wherever you go, he's going to be the franchise on me. Um He's just as special and in my short time being with them and seeing some of the things he was able to do one still watching from a farm and he's you know, just especially talent that that don't come around very often. So it's just one of those things if you want to be a contender and win now You know, I mean, somebody's gonna take that risk. Uh, The big risk. For who for any team to give up. Ah, whole lot of stuff. The risk is worth the reward I'm home. Think is risky at all. You have a known commodity versus unknown commodities and your first round picks. No, I mean, how have we done in the first round, says von Miller. The jet was pretty good. Who really jump jump jump is okay. Right Break's been captured. Chop just made his first Pro bowl. Right. Let me ask you this. He Garrett Bolles is a guy who is all pro right? Or at least in that in that range, maybe then they call pro this year, but Did you make second team? He makes second seeded second team second team All pro, but it took it took five years to get to that point for Gary Bowls. Uh, who else we got? Justine Simons. That's not a first round pick, but he's certainly first round picks. You mean this is what we're talking about Jury duty. Okay, jury still out there. The jury's still out on our tight end. North and jury still out. I mean, I mean, jury's still out on Jerry Judy. Paxton Lynch. We know it didn't work, right? Oh, You heard me, but by the way, do you see you just got married. Accented. Yeah. Congratulations. You got to look that one up. Well, what they have. Ah, yeah. Kick this coverage. Oh, my goodness. Did he kick his coverage? Starting quarterback in the NFL. Were you talking about? Out, kicked his coverage. Really? Yeah. Well, I'll say this good luck to him and his new bride. But that you know you don't know what the first round picks will be asleep East. We don't know. If they're gonna ever yield another bomb, Miller Okay, here here. Our first round draft picks. Um, how far back you going? You know what? I'm going to take it to Uh huh. I think I need to take it back to That before bowls Can you go before Bowls? Um mm. You want to go before bowls? Yeah. You don't want to go. Okay. How about I take it Because this guy still on the team? How about I take it after von Miller? Okay. Okay. No first round draft pick in 2000 and two In 2000 and three it was Sylvester Williams. I mean, 2013. It was the best Williams Very okay. 2014 Bradley Roby, who I thought was a good player. That was trending great. Just never really got there here in Denver. Shane Ray and 2015. Is he still in that? We talked about this today. No, I don't think he's still in the later Paxton Lynch. Hey, Gary Bowls. Bradley Chub North and And Jerry Judy. If I told you which one of those guys are untouchable for Sean watching which what's three of those guys? Our untouchable. Yeah. Garrett Bulls. Gary Balls, Okay, so okay, So I'm gonna say terrible. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. I'm saying I'm gonna take Gary bowls. Okay, now you're gonna have to take Bradley, Chuck. So you're gonna Bradley Chub? You're Gary balls. Bradley Chub. And North and You, Huh? Bye. You say Bye bye. I thought you said you were keeping them. Oh, no. Yes, I'm keeping Garrett Bolles. None of that. You were saying the other two? No, no, no, no, no, no, no. You got to take three years in a row. All of them to that those of the three and keeping you keeping so you're gonna keep Bradley job. North and and Garrett Bolles. Yep. Is there because those three don't equal the Shawn Watson. So let me ask you let me ask you this if we're not No, no, no, no, no, no, I gotta finish this out. I need I need to answer here because I want to. I want to know. So you're trading away. Gary Bowls brandy chub..

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