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Across across the river here from high atop the city. The Sheraton Chicago is to my right and there's a guy walking on the roof, so I call security. Or is he supposed to be up there is anybody know? Well, yesterday they had the window washers up there. Oh, maybe I think they're coming. Yeah, a couple weeks, right there next week. Well, the Hilton we announced they're opening up Hilton on South Michigan Avenue. And the others can't be far beyond their opening. I think I saw June 7th. But that means that we won't see the light or designs with the lights. They have the in the windows of butterfly right now. Yeah, that's they've been doing that all true. The pandemic? How would you like to have that job for your window washer? He does. He's not even on a platform. He's just on a rope. Yeah, you know, basically repelling down each window That is so scary. I can't even imagine we're on the 18th floor here through three swagger and every once in a while, the window washer. You look behind you here and all and there's a person there. Like Spider Man, But Bob imagine, Yeah, being on the other side. I can't of the window. No, I can't believe me. I'm very excited because one of my favorite spots for lunch is opening up again talking about places. Free samples are coming back. And, uh, they are going to have full sampling, as well as the food court, re opening and Let's see. They say that it'll be in phases about 170 of Cascos. 550 locations will bring back full sampling by the first Last summer. Casco brought back free samples after suspending the initiative due to the pandemic, but they were limited to pre packaged items kept behind plexiglass shields. And that was ridiculous. Because you couldn't I couldn't eat anything. They were just torturing you. You go up to the little stand and you'd see the food behind the plexiglass. And somebody would say Why you? No, no, no, You can't eat it, kid. Don't touch. It's just for looking. Just for looking you. What're you doing that for? Hosko also plans to bring back seating for food courts this month, but it will be about half the seating capacity as it was before the pandemic. The tables will be spaced out to maintain physical separation. And let's see they plan to roll out new food items this summer. Pascoe expanding its food court menu, including new and improved Charles, as well as high end soft ice cream to replace frozen yogurt like that, Bob, you're gonna have to pace yourself on this. And maybe I suggest maybe mapping out the free samples start. Start. If they have, like grapes do great and maybe the cheese cubes and then maybe go to sausage and then go to the church euros if they have samples of those, so another is do like an appetizer main course and dessert. And if there's more courses, you can hit that as well. And sometimes they even have booze, don't they? They have like wine that you could even you know, maybe start out with a little cocktail or something that you happy hour Casco and then stretch do your stretches before you hit. All of the different stations, of course. Last month, Casco announced it was dropping its requirement for shoppers to wear masks after becoming one of the first retailers to mandate the practice at the start. Of the pandemic, So I hope Trader Joe's is paying attention to this because they still haven't returned to their free samples and their stores. They have. They have good, good, good food there at Trader Joe's. They have a different featured item or they used to, You know, every day and If I was hungry, I would, you know, get a little sample and then wait till the person behind the The food area. There would go in the back to get more. And then I go up and take another one. Because you know, I didn't. It would be very embarrassing for them to throw me out of Trader jokes, help They see that on Channel nine. Dean Richards Entertainment reporter Fuzzy picture of maybe, and Being taken away because there's video everywhere. It's some security camera with definitely capture that you're always on TV. No question about it. So Casco bring back free samples and ah limited food Court seating arrangement. More good news on this. This is fun. Because for so long every day all we were doing was reporting and cancelations. And restrictions. So now that everything is opening up, we're happy to bring all that info to you. It's 7 15. Right now We have extremely local news from Black Club Chicago coming up. Momentarily. Let's get to the weather first. And look at this gonna get a little bit warmer every day here heading towards the weekend..

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