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Of former president Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate. The DoJ is also looking to throw out Trump's legal challenge entirely. Georgia's two major Senate candidates met, possibly for the only time on the debate stage Friday night, John Clark has more. In a much anticipated debate, Georgia U.S. Senate candidates Herschel Walker and Raphael Warnock finally met face to face in Savannah. There was speculation as to whether walker would appear following allegations he paid for an abortion for a former girlfriend despite a strong anti abortion stance. I believe in life. And I tell people this, Georgia is a state that respects life and I'll be a center that protects life. A second debate is scheduled in Atlanta Sunday Night, walker has not yet confirmed his participation. I'm John Clark, the 15 year old suspect accused of carrying out a mass shooting that left 5 people dead in Raleigh, North Carolina Thursday, will be charged as an adult. Wait county district attorney, Lauren Freeman, said petitions have been filed by her office to transfer the case to superior court. The U.S. and its allies are putting a cap on the price of Russian oil. Putin's decision to wage war in Ukraine has sharply elevated energy prices. So said treasury secretary Janet Yellen at the annual IMF meeting. She called it an innovative policy to cut president Putin's revenue and respond to his decision to continue Russia's invasion of Ukraine. A beta version of the student loan forgiveness application is now available online. On Friday, the Biden administration launched a beta version of the application on the student aid dot gov website, which looks the same as the preview shown by The White House earlier this week. Those who submit their information using the beta version will have their information processed and will not have to resubmit. I'm Brian shook. Hearing aids will be sold over the counter starting on Monday without a fitting from a doctor. It's seen as a positive move from those in the audiology industry. Jackie Clark at the University of Texas says consumers still need to do their homework, but wider availability will benefit many suffering from hearing loss. A big deal has just been announced in the supermarket business, Rory O'Neill reports Kroger and Albertsons are merging to create a national supermarket chain operating in 48 states. The $24 billion deal emerges Ohio based Kroger and Idaho based Albertsons, creating a company with nearly 5000 stores and more than 700,000 employees. Kroger says it will invest more than a $1 billion upgrading albertson stores and spend another billion on increased pay and improved benefits for employees. I'm Rory O'Neill. A pretty good golfer in Arkansas is suing after a country club refused to give him the really good prize it promised Michael kasner reports morals and country club east of Little Rock posted on Facebook hole in one on number ten gets you the keys to the F one 50 thanks to J Hodge Ford of moralton. Well, after Austin clay get paid the $375 entry fee and scored a hole in one on the tenth hole last Saturday, he expected to drive home in his new truck, but the country club and the car dealership are refusing to hand over the keys so Claudia is suing them both in a Facebook post last month, the country club set the dealership as giving us a truck to give away. The dealership now says the truck at the golf course was for display only in the country club promoted it as a prize without the Ford dealers consent. I'm Michael kassner. The richest man in the world is now selling perfume, but he isn't calling the scent Musk, Tesla, SpaceX and boring company CEO Elon Musk is marketing a perfume called burnt hair. Mosque announced on Tuesday that it's available on his tunnel drilling company's website for a $100. I'm Brian shook. Now this Bloomberg sports update, the Cleveland guardians, even their best of 5 playoff series with the Yankees winning four to two in ten innings at Yankee Stadium, the Yankees took an early two zero lead on the first inning home run by John Carlos Stanton, but a pair of ex mets helped the guardians tie it as Andre Jimenez delivered an RBI single in the fourth, and Ahmed Rosario Homer to deep center in the 5th. The guardians went ahead in the tenth on a bloop single by Oscar Gonzalez, which followed another bloop single by José Ramírez, who advanced to third on an error. Josh naylor then doubled home Gonzalez. Jameson tie on takes the loss for the Yankees, Emmanuel class a wins and relief for the guardians, gained three tonight at 7 30 from Cleveland with Luis severino opposed by Tristan Mackenzie. The Phillies beat the braves 9 to one to grab a two games to one lead and their national league divisional series, and in the 7th inning in San Diego, the ponder is holding on to a two to one lead over the Dodgers. That series tied at a game of peace. Hall of Fame pitcher, Bruce Sutter, has died, he was 69 years old, suitor spent time with the Chicago Cubs on the Saint Louis Cardinals, suitor won a World Series with St. Louis and was a pioneer of developing the split fingered fastball. Suitor became a baseball Hall of Fame member in 2006. In the National Hockey League, the rangers fall for the first time this season, four to one to the Winnipeg jets, dryden hunt the long ranger gold scorer, Connor hellebuyck engulfed for Winnipeg turning aside 40 of 41 ranger shots to get the victory. In pre season NBA action the final tune ups before the regular season starts next week for both the Knicks and the nets, the next go to three and one in the pre season, beating Washington one O 5 89, and the Brooklyn Nets even their preseason record at two and two with a one 12 to one O two victory over the Minnesota Timberwolves. With a Bloomberg sports update, I'm Tom Rogers

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