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And they've got such great prices. I go to bed putting stuff in my car and just seeing like how cheap all this and I'm like I don't know if I should buy a pack because that P Coup v card is like a dollar fifty like why would I spend four dollars on a pack when I could just either Visa Card that I don't have But that we won't get into that that's a bad habit that I'm in. Yeah turns into some pre orders all right but moving on. We have got the car of the week. Cindy's V. Max. From rebel clash pulled. Eighty six one ninety two. This thing is beautiful. Yes and it's not badly priced I think I just looked on t players around like four or five bucks so again. It's literally guaranteed it just by it and it really does. It's like that hard dilemma. Like I love opening pack. But it's like I just by right instead of wasting twenty dollars four different bags but pulling it feels so good. Yeah I know it does. It really does so dopamine man. That's what it's all about all right. So Cinderella Cinder as V. You'll get the name crackly. One of these Cinder Cinder Dance Cinderella. I can't I can't. I don't know Cinderella's V. Max yes it has three hundred and twenty points It evolves from as V to fire tight. Obviously it is got a to energy. Attack called counter to one firewall. Coa DOES THIRTY DAMAGE. Not so good. Wait a minute. It says if this POK MON was damaged by attack during opponents last. Turn this attack. Does that much more damage? Wait have you. Don't one shot me uh-huh I can almost guarantee that I'm GonNa one shot you so it's thirty plus whatever damage you took last time. Yes so if you hit me for fifty I'm doing a eighty damage to you duns. Oh done if you've hit me for a hundred I'm doing a hundred and thirty back crazy. Net okay so that doesn't seem like too good but then you've got Max. Pyro ball does a hundred and seventy year points. Acta POKEMON is now burned again. Doesn't seem that great but you take the burn damage. Brings it up to one. Ninety time St Week to water to given yeah to the retreat cost so not too bad. Yeah but here's some cards. That will what do you think of this card so far so far. It's a very intriguing. I it's a big hitter If you could get out of course and Man Like just that countermove alone is seems like it's worth it especially in something with such high point right it will. We'll get into that. Does the second cat but There's there's some other cards that really make this this card a little bit brighter again. And the first one is big charm. It's a tool card and the POKEMON that attached to get thirty extra. Hit points interesting okay. So if you can't do three hundred fifty damage your one shot you. And that's a big deal now and then then you've also got Well a volcano park. Okay to stadium from Dragging Majesty it still informat right now so it's still in play It says basically the YOU'RE BURNT POK MON like. They stay burnt regardless of the flip out day. So that one seventy turns into one ninety NETFLIX. Leave that out to ten. A lot of e cards. Have that to ten. Hit POINT MARKER. So definitely a good car to have sure and then how. How can you make that even more useful and broken burning scarf? It's a tool card in. It says if this if the Pokemon this heart is attached to his damage from attack the attacker Pokemon is now burned. So you attack me I counter and your burn any end. While a volcano you take more damage can get double burned. No I wish you can get burned in poisoned but double burn. Okay okay no second. I guess if you had some sick burn after you said the attack name right. He were like Oh man. That's a sick burn. Yeah if you could come up with some funny joke make sick burn then you can have a double burn but as far as like game playing rules there is no double bird in the game just to. We're all correct guy. Play by the rules This week Hardman. Yeah and so. I don't know I I've seen it do well. In Japan I've seen some lists from Japan Just a heavy focus on the fact that it can counter US counter. That's what I'm trying to get can use counter just like stay alive and then you just you play cards. Like Mallon launch. Like he'll it. Yeah because they don't WanNa do enough damage where they can get knocked out. But if they're not doing that then you just keep healing yourself switching out right vehicle addition to a fire deck. Yes it would. You only have one of those in your decorate which one V. Max. No you can have four. It's a different name than Syndrome as yes you can have four of Senator as you know. Four of you can have a four score. Ninety four reboot force. Injuries can have four cinder as V. You can have four centuries feedbacks. Hello fired get those nine tells volpe's out of their just history cinder DHEC. It's a Senate race to the FINISH WE GO ASK. Bernie you know Coleman at. You're not doing. Any sick. Burns are a cook art. Thank you for the the the tutorial on cigarettes V. Max. You're Oso very welcome. I hope it didn't give you a hot foot. Yeah just play this deck. You'll have You just need a lucky rabbit's foot news good to go. I don't know if that's a bad no matter. No you're August. It's make sure it's like a fake rabbit's foot not real. Come on united giving me credit for mind what was it. I said you're on fire tonight. Adam sick burned. Okay ratchets up? We're done all right. Thank you guys so much if you made this fire for listening to us at Banter about all these weird things and coffee and go off the wire If you want to write in Please send us an email at Info at special conditions t dot Com. You can leave us a voicemail Texas tennis a picture we want to see your deck Seven three two eight three five eight six three nine. Yeah just just share with us. What you guys are going.

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