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I'm gonna stern armstrong and with me today mari. I do mind high turn back. It's thursday lots of speculation gonna happen. I'm excited thank you for having me on tiffany's birthday. Yeah did have a perfect. We are here to update you on everything that happened. Yesterday on the big brother. Twenty-three live feeds including but not limited to tiffany's birthday was day twenty nine in the house and really is some final things coming together for the for the week as we head into the h. Competition the endurance Opposition tonight so a couple of interesting things to update you on By the but for the most part today is going to be. You know things just kind of like locking into place a couple of like. Oh yes i was like. What should i stay up for this. So we started the day with thailand claire now again of course we have christian as the wage. He nominated hannah and whitney he then won. The veto did not use the veto The target has been whitney this whole time. Pretty much She has not really done much campaigning. But she's going to start today as in yesterday. We're talking about and We'll get we'll get some of that but For the most part things are pretty locked in here Tiffany's been pushing a sarabeth target for next week. All week long However that is starting to unravel as derek x and claire have been like. Oh we need to do. This is it. That's kind of where we where we begin the day From from the week. That's the most important thing like going into each h h the week before the target was pretty much set. This is kind of like the first week where it's still like. It's nothing set. It's very flexible. The target that tiffany tried to paint is not setting so it you know we say we kind of say it every week that it depends on the age but this week more than anything. It'll definitely depend on who ages. Yes so we will see how that one goes. But we started the day with colin. And claire now kyle and has been doing some decent work when he is talking game. Four getting the target off of beth. He's been talking to derrick x the night before derek started saying do i need to target sarabeth. It seems as though keilan arguments to derrick stock to to some degree He's also going to be speaking with clare here in the morning and he tells clearest similar things that he told era acts. Look if you go after the kings. And you target. Sarah beth org xavier. What you're really doing is uniting the other three against you As though you know you don't want to do that. If you're gonna take that shot at the kings you might as well take it at the showman's Especially considering how dangerous christian is these opticians. You don't miss that shot in declare says it. It makes sense it does. It's just tough because christians so good at this competitions like you don't wanna miss that shot and you know he's also he'd call he could theoretically also be a shield so it's you know it's a tough situation. Yeah so this will be like one of the first of many times today that we hear multiple people say that chretien could be a shield for them or other people can shield and it just goes back to. If you're everybody shield. Are you really a shield for anybody. So i love this. Talk with teen kyla declare. I thought this was perfect for not only clair's game but for kaieda start like okay. He's waking up. He's trying to get control of the game and he's doing it in. I think a pretty subtle way. People can't accuse him of of like strong harming anything and i love this conversation. I love the fact that they're saying we should probably target the show. Because if you if you get rid of the showman's namely i think they said eliza as well to get rid of elissa she does seem like the glue for most of the kings get rid of her then christian will probably be picked up by like either tiff or he's very pick pick up of course already has a great relationship with ex. He's not going to tell about claire. Even though i think claire kind of sees that anyways as be as close by. So i like this idea for them on getting rid of if any of the kings should go. I do think elissa would be the best shot for you know for multitude of reasons And i disliked this conversation between them too. Because i really think that claire realizes that she needs to start getting in with people and she needs to start making one on one relationships as opposed to going through tests and i just thought this was the beginning of a good day of work for her. So whitney is going to start her campaign. She talks to Talks to christian. She talks to a few people like. Oh i gotta do some one on ones jams up. Doing a lot of one's needs to go into much detail on most of them because they don't matter but a couple of the matter a little bit so we'll go into those hannah in response is also going to do some one on ones and she In particular with some of her conversations she has found out that aga was told that she said is is name kings And she's going to try and clear that up with aasa whose response is basically like. I didn't even hear that. It doesn't even. I don't even know you're talking about it was like okay. You way to make a situation awkward. They're like hey. I don't even. I don't know the root of this exchange Because i do know. Hannah was trying to tell us that. Tiff told hanna that king told her. That was a hannah said author's name it was so confusing But just denying all of it in such a way. That was also dismissive as well. It was just kind of like it was. It was not a good report. Move because hannah's sitting here trying to Offering olive olive branch to her and say i didn't even believe it in house be like well i never said it. I mean you should always say..

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