Percy discussed on Critical Role - Episode 34 - Race to the Ziggurat


As maintenance seventeen damage earn less two holy damage which just as the first tech missed yes because they went 19 teen image all right so the arrows one hits the armored districts often shutters against the ex greenglass stonework of the the top of this gherat the second one strikes him in the back of the neck pure and you see a glass array energy crosses his throat he reaches have been tried to grab for the aero but the arrows of a disintegrating by the blast employee energy leaving a gaping wound the back of his neck he still standing but he's you can see his form has now falling apart parts of astra begin to poor off of his flesh wounds that were there off all right that finishes vexes turn was you wanna move in history are as an eminent move on fadime flying questions to ask you i was on the move is their roof on that middle compound building where you can see no it is open rally kellyanne on top of the pillar of the pillar hold sleigh overhangs you can limit i'll the opening if you want all right so you land on top of the overhang stopping there which blocks all view from beneath this line there but but i can still see you could like peak around if you can't okay percy are up okay first thing i'm going to do is i'm going to take implode the clout via.

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