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But my young child through college okay i think it's a worthwhile investment and i would do it if you're looking for not sam shirts if you're looking for sam roberts wrestling podcast shirts go to pro wrestling tease dot com slash sam roberts enjoy yourself and let's get on with the show here is sam rubber so that ladies and gentlemen was corey graves the savior of misbehavior i really i find quarries to be very very interesting right now just the place that he's at in his career he has progressed so far so quickly it's really astounding for a guy that never really had any aspirations to be a commentator to now be at the place where he's not he's on every show and really is the star of the show when he gets introduced or when the commentators get introduced live to the live audience they all come out to corey graves music and corey graves titan drawn graphic and the whole thing so i think it's just very very interesting to notice corey graves in this spot and i'm interested to see where all this takes him so thanks to corey graves in that video will be available live from not sam studio over at youtube dot com slash not sam later within the next seven days or so so before we get into the state of wrestling there were a couple of things i wanted to talk about number one congratulations to glen jacobs aka kane who won the primary for the mayoral race in knox county tennessee not the not the he's not the mayor he's he won the primary a lot of people were tweeting this week that cain was the mayor kane is not the mayor kane is the republican candidate for mayor and it came in under the wire apparently like they said that the you know the primary happened earlier in the week i think wednesday night or wednesday into wednesday night.

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