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Gonna fuck. You really dug it You know. I think if you take away okay. Load his thing. And i don't want to start it off with a negative if john wick didn't exist. This would be a fantastic though. Still is a fantastic film. But john wick exists. And it's compounded. By the fact that it's written by dr kolstad her bark mic sir and that is the biggest thing in the marketing. The not like bob odenkirk nine full screen. It's it's not. It's from the of john wick back. They're really making sure you know that and your wallet is. It's a bit of a different spayed. Then john wick. I think it's It requires bidwell patients Because it is a you know it's on a somewhat smaller scale It remind me a lot. More of the equal iso than anything so like i enjoyed dude. Bubba was sar good in this movie. Like i don't think there's any he's one of those actors that you know when he pops up in something he's gonna give it. His all is one hundred percent man because he is. He never fails to He understands the assignment. Unlike any understands he understands what he's gonna do But i think like turnley dismay fantastic as well like as spurts of like doc. Humor dot comedy in there. collect intertwined with Sadistic violence that we end up saying But like i said it's It's john wick. Lights and haven't seen john wick. Then you're going to have a great time and that's kinda what happened when we went to watch the movie because i ahead obviously saying old. Three john wakes but steph had never seen any john wick movie so she had nerve quite frame of reference. While going into this as a i kept saying to. I'm like oh. This is very much like john wick. But she's never seen joel mccower. She does know and cooked out. And i was really surprised with the reaction. I love the reaction. She's like this that. Be one of the best movies. I've seen in a very long time and i was like damn that's awesome because i also really super enjoyed it. Hey like i was like man like once he get positon insane. I think it's the bus sane and from that bussing on woods. It's just like where we're going. We're on guy time this is like this koch ices huge gun flats after that. But there's also a lot of set up as well I think it's good. I think it does a lot of subtle things that john wick did as well. But i think if we to lump john wick atomic blonde and this together i think it would. John wayne atomic blonde. Nobody like i think that's the order And while this is a for a good collect first movie if it does get a sequel. i'll be on board I i don't think it hits the highs that john wake does i. Don't there's something about the willed building in john wick..

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