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What the winds would be doing as far as causing power outages. But clearly, that's one of the bigger issues this one coastal flooding and just how much rain was was dumped on US and The fact that it just kind of hugged the coast as it moved north. It was moving north along the Texas coastline, You know, but you know, it's really good that the schools are shut and a lot of businesses are closed. However, as we've been talking to people down in Texas City area Deer Park area, we know those refineries are open. We Can we take a call? We got a call from Freeport right now, man dwells on the line. Welcome, And I'm wondering about the Dow Dow plant down there is is up and running. And was Freeport looking like for you right now? Well, it was up and running all night just got out for work. And I'm driving home. My mom. I work in Freeport, but I live in warden and I'm on 13. Oh, one And I just pulled over because there's a big limb on the road, but I was trying to move by myself, but I couldn't so hopefully somebody comes up behind me and helps improve this limb out of the roads. Nobody runs over two runs into it. Um, When did the rain quit? Is he still raining on you a little bit down there or you pretty much clear now. No, it could up about about four o'clock. My wife in Warden told me that she lost power about 3 45. It was windy and raining all night real hard winds and when I left It looked like Freeport clued, Uh, leg Jackson and even Angleton. We're all dark. As I rode through West Columbia. It was lit up and I'm on 30. No one. Like I said, there's a limb in the middle of the road. I was trying to move out. You have a way to get around that Manuel. Yeah, I got around it. I'm kind of sitting here on the side of the road with my flashes on. Hopefully somebody else pulls up. And maybe we can pull this slim off the road. You can start. You can start. You can't stop somebody from having an accident running into it. You're doing a good deed there. Yeah. You know, Hopefully somebody else pulls up and maybe the two of us can pull this out. I tried to pull it out just now, when I was on hold, But there's no way I can get it by myself. It's too damn heavy. Yeah. How far how far out of the refinery are you on? Tell us the road again and kind of where about you are Okay. I'm uh on 13. Oh, one between West Columbia and pleasure, and I'm on the pleasure side, and it's right here on a curve just coming out of pleasure. That's why I'm kind of nervous that somebody might run right through this. I've been running real slow about 50 MPH with my bright lights on and I came up on this on a curve and I said Whoa! So I'm just hoping somebody else pulls over and sees me and, uh, we can. The two of us can pull this limb off the road. Well, thank you for what you're doing, man. Well, that's that's not a problem. I'll take that. Thank you for what you all do. Thank you. Appreciate it. 5 25 here on Houston's Morning news. You know, the other thing I was struck with Mike talked about how to take off the cruise control. The one thing I've run into with with, you know, with kind of flash flooding is on the north freeways prone to not just Main Street but some other lower areas even before you get to the sixth in loop and you know, be very careful at this morning, especially in dark areas because you go you go down to And you don't see it. You don't see the water there until you've already hit it the water, But it's also debris on the road in the darkness. I mean, he's perfect case in point, you know that's great what he's doing to stand. Stay there and wait to get some help. I hope that he gets himself maneuvered so that somebody doesn't come up and bump into him so too. You just got to do your part Exactly right. All right, Quick, little break back with more in a moment again. 7132 and 2 58 74 7132 and two ktrh If you'd like to join us, give us a report on where you are And what you're saying this morning is our coverage of Hurricane Nicholas continues here on NewsRadio. 7 40 ktrh. This view was worth the hike right? And it's a good way to stay on top of my health. Yes, I'm Cola Guard a prescription colon cancer screening option for people 45 plus, at average risk have used screen for colon cancer. Not yet. Don't wait. It's.

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