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Here's reporter will car a terrifying arrest in Texas. A meets the qualified the qualifications are definition of being a serial killer. Authorities say Juan David Ortiz a US border patrol agent is allegedly. A calculated murderer killing four women all believed to be sex workers. According to the district attorney over the past two weeks. Investigators combing scene where they found one victim spotty. According to police Ortiz attempted to abduct fifth woman Saturday night, but she managed to get away. Now, those who evacuated from hurricane Florence are heading home to see some of the damage and destruction. It wasn't their initial plan but coastal evacuees Charles and Amy Dowdell of Stella North Carolina ended up at a hotel in Fayetteville Wednesday ahead of hurricane Florence. Watching. The coverage on TV stellar twelve. Storm surge their home may not have power yet grocery stores and gas stations may not be open, but they want to get back immediately. We're aim says than where it is ready to get back home and start cleaning up a couple of says if they need to they'll make food on a propane camp stove until all of their utilities are back. Ryan burrow, ABC news. Fayetteville North Carolina. Lots of people looking to lend a hand US. Marines are Jacksonville North Carolina looking at the damage from Florence. We have tremendous amount of storm surge and flooding has gone around our county we've actually hit hit record level flooding over twenty five twenty seven feet of flooding in our rivers. That's Norman Bryson director of. Emergency services for Onslow county. President Trump up and tweeting this morning talking about the steel industry. Now, the talk of the world it's been given new life is thriving billions of dollars is being spent a new plants all around the country..

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