Prime Minister Tony Blair, China, UK discussed on BTV Simulcast


Very, but on the other hand, if I was Chinese I'd say, why shouldn't we be great technology. We can be one of the most powerful countries in the world and. Our economy is going to be one of the largest the largest we're going to be a big political power. So why should we be big tech bar? And I would say, okay. I completely understand that. But I think the competition coming out to China because it is a different political system to us means it's all the more important that we as policymakers respond to this tech revolution in the right way. Not the wrong way is the rise of the Chinese tech industry in your view, an existential threat to western liberal democracies? That's a very big statement to make. I think it poses challenges for that'd be put it in that way for the moment, and certainly part of the policy debate that we've got to have this. How do we manage to gain a technological age? So you're in Silicon Valley, you're meeting with companies who are you interested in working with? And what do you want to accomplish interesting with with companies large and small and what we're doing is creating with minds tutor center, the tech in public policy, and the idea is to put change makers and policy makers together in circumstance sweat. We can bring a mutual understanding and out of that should come would I call realizable and sensible policy. My exclusive interview there with former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair coming.

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