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Not the press is the enemy of the people or if the people are their own worst enemies by not shopping around more by taking. Single source information in a world in which they are awash in data You know at the end of the day Joyce we have. Helped to create this monster because it all, turns, on one thing and one thing only ears in eyeballs and if you don't set your eyeballs or ears to it they will eventually go out of business and so being better consumer being more discriminatory or let me rephrase that having more discriminating taste when it comes, to the kind of resources that you access and then what you do with that information that's not on the press that's not on Washington DC that's on you So, I think there's a degree to, which, America's need to start owning up for how we consume information and what we do with the information that we can. Sue I go one step further I'll say that I'm concerned, about the viability of a Republican democracy and are that small are neither words we are not a direct democracy. Under the constitution where Republican a Representative democracy but I fear for the future of that democracy when we have such a division of data points that people cling to almost at the. Exclusion of reason Oops I'm not chasing Craig out of. The room as he's running out what is happening is there is a transmission. Tower failing and Craig is the only person around. Who can fix it so we're going to have to pick up our conversation with Craig on another day Because there are a bunch. Of other points that he and I wanted to make, but we're going to use the rest of this hour to. Talk about a couple of things including going continuing on this idea of the press And their biases On I am as. Most of, you now I I'm a. Conservative fiscal conservative I'm up free market or I'm a free trader by both backed by background. Experience and philosophy and Thus I am a subscriber to the, Wall Street Journal but lately it's not the journal then I am used to reading it is not the journal of objective Economic news anymore it's almost the right wing reaction to the economist magazine Any and this, past Wednesday I was shocked. And I do mean, an and you know it's hard to, shock me you can surprise me but you can't, shock me very often but I was shocked by a Wall Street Journal editorial that took on the department of. Justice and said that it was inappropriate for them to Indict sitting congressman Chris Collins of New York for insider. Trading and and lying to the. FBI, about insider trading because drum. Roll please because he's in the middle. Of, an election campaign the Justice department they, said should not interfere in a election campaign now that makes no sense to me I Collins is probably one of, the richest men in congress been there for twenty years been, trading for longer than that. Again he's worth sixty, million dollars he knows the rules on, insider trading second if you were a member Martha, Stewart there is an example of exactly what happened when you insider trade in a highly speculative Of healthcare stock and then lied to the FBI about doing it So having said that does the Wall Street, Journal believe it would be more appropriate for DOJ department of Justice not to indict Mr Collins and let the people of upstate New York reelect him and then indict him at which point you. Would have you would potentially have a special election, to replace him because as you. Probably have seen in the press he has suspended his reelection campaign he, knows he's going to make a deal probably to protect his son but Would that be better. Would it in in the opinion of the Wall, Street Journal it would be better. For this first congress person who supported Donald Trump to be reelected by, a Constituency that didn't know that he, was guilty or or that he was potentially guilty of insider trading that's, the tenor of. The story that the Wall Street Journal route and if you take that to its logical conclusion that. Means no member of congress because they're in this constant the minute they get. Reelected they gotta start raising money, and, going out and doing the chicken and? Peace circuit to get reelected that means under those rules that the department of Justice..

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