Oklahoma City, Saint Paul Minnesota, Batman discussed on Wisconsin's Morning News with Gene Mueller


Is Saint Paul Minnesota. Minnesota again, number six, Washington, DC number five is Madison Wisconsin number four San Francisco. Hey, look at this number three, Minneapolis. Minnesota. Seattle comes in at number two. And number one as we said Arlington Virginia, the fittest city in the country now as for the least fit states, Oklahoma City is once again at the bottom of the list, thanks to higher levels of smoking, obesity and people with high blood pressure. Let's see how many of these cities delve into deep fried cooking. All right here, we go number ten Corpus Christi, Texas barbecue. Their number nine is Arlington. Texas number eight Detroit. Michigan number seven is Bakersfield, California surprise number six Louisville Kentucky number five is Indianapolis Indiana, number four Toledo Ohio Clinger's going to be very bummed out of number three is Tulsa, Oklahoma number two north Las Vegas away from the strip correct? And number one is Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, the least fit city, did you check providence? I checked providence. Ron, and I have to tell you. They looked at the one hundred largest cities. They didn't look at us. We didn't. We didn't rank not good at all. Looks like Toronto Canada really needs Batman right about now because guy Christina in full joker makeup was caught on camera stealing the tip jar from Toronto restaurant, the Russ restaurant, which is waffles and more caught the incident on camera posted it on Facebook. And they wrote summer is approaching and the fever back. I was waiting for Batman to save the day, but he did not show up. But that's the only place he hit. All right. So it says he's terrorizing Toronto restaurants. But that's the only one that caught them on camera. So the joker beware. Get the bat signal ready. See that's what it was. They didn't have. The worst Commissioner, Gordon when you need them at six thirty NewsRadio nine.

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