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Nancy hardy reports are Kelly failed to pay the full one hundred sixty one thousand dollars. He owes in back child. Support his publicist. Darrell Johnson says the singer hasn't been able to book shows and the judge wasn't willing to accept anything less. We will come in expecting that. He was going to call. And make an arrangement. He wanted the entire he estimates. It'll take until Wednesday to secure all the funds to release Kelly, meaning the singer we'll have to spend nearly a week in jail. Anthony hardy for CBS news, Chicago Detroit, police say they're investigating an allegation by a woman who says she began a sexual relationship with Kelly when she was thirteen former Trump lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen is telling all the congress. He had a return visit with the house intelligence committee today chairman, Adam Schiff, we had requested documents of Mr. Colin he provided additional documents to the committee. There may be additional documents that he still has to offer and his cooperation with our committee continues. So I think the members found it enormously productive session Cohen offered. The documents reportedly backup is claimed that Trump lawyers edited his full statement to congress about the Trump Tower Moscow project, some privacy groups are worried over a pending agreement between the department of homeland. Security in the census bureau that would give the latter agency access to sensitive personal data about non-citizens CBS, Alison keys reports who federal judges have blocked a Trump administration plan to add a question about citizenship to the twenty twenty cents this but under a proposed agreement between the census and DHS. The census would get everything from non-citizens full names to social security numbers to sensitive alien registration numbers. But the electric privacy information center accused at the census bureau of making an end run around the courts and using data collected by another agency for a different purpose. Alison, keys, CBS news, Washington. Facebook may be declining in popularity in the US. A media research firm says the social network has lost fifteen million users since 2017 CBS's, Larry Magath represents a fairly significant decrease in Facebook users in the United States, and it seems to contradict Facebook's claim that they're continuing to grow, but Facebook if thing. If growth claims on global usage, so it very well may be growing globally yet. Shrinking in the US the doubt lost one hundred thirty three points today. Nasdaq fell seventy this is CBS news progressive insurance pick from a range of coverage options with the name your price tool to find a price that works for you. Find out more at Progresive.

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