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Like on your own on a on a corner somewhere. He's like, like freaking trouble. They charge through the crowd. They get up there. I don't know what they're doing up there. I can't see through the people. But that's when the flash bang start flying out. And what stands in front of my friends were like, okay, we're done right here. Yeah. Yeah, and that zinc to the Metro That's when we heard about, like all the craziness happening, okay, capital or whatever. I don't know if you were if that was happening while we were there or what I could be. I didn't see anything beyond idiot. But after pig will take Thank you for the call. Patrick. I gotta run. Is that gonna take a break here and I want to get two more calls. But look, I talked to a number of people. In fact, that night on the national special that I hosted, we had one of our hosts out of South Carolina who was up there? And this is similar to what we saw during the summer. It's really no different where you have a huge group of people who are there to protest peacefully. And just want to be part of all of that. And then you have a smaller group of people who are looking for trouble. We saw that in almost every single protests major demonstration that took place during the summer that eventually turned into a riot with violence and arson and all of that, and that's what we saw the capital, too. What we're learning. More and more. As the investigation continues, is that there were groups that had this planned out. And they went to the capital. To do this and that I think you had some people, not a lot, but some people who were just there. War there specifically for that, who got carried away in the moment. I think that is basically what took place on January 6th. 809 69 93 50 two's The number 809 69 93 52 back with more of your calls in a moment from the essential credit Union Home Loans Traffic center still seeing delays from a crash on the Courtney Campbell Causeway, Westbound McMullen boo throw with blockade to now, problem South and I 75 Big Ben Road taking up the right lane. This support is sponsored by the extra temporal scanner. Don't take chances.

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