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Nine four tips a reallife crime draw a crime drama unfolded near the set of a movie being filmed in the south end police arrested a man suspected of larceny and carjacking witnesses had told police that victor li of dorchester had stolen a woman's purse near shawmut avenue one union park street he jumped into the passenger side of a stopped car but was quickly surrounded by police officers officials say lee through a knife out of the vehicle nearly hitting an officer before he was pepper sprayed and that arrested police are not leaving harvey weinstein alone cbs's steve futterman says newark is asians of triggering another investigation los angeles police are the latest to launch an investigation yesterday they interviewed a 38yearold italian muddle actress she accuses harvey weinstein of raping her in 2013 that falls well within the statute of limitations also coming forward oscarwinning actress the pita young go she accuses weinstein of sexually harassing her for a number of years actor tom hanks says he believes the weinstein controversy as a watershed moment his last name will become a noun and a verb it'd be on identifying a moniker for a state of being for which there is a before and an end today there is an apology from director quentin tarantino who's worked with weinstein on a number of projects he says he had heard allegations for years including some from his former girlfriend mira sorvino but says he did nothing he says he is a shame and a group of staffers at the weinstein company have signed a letter saying they didn't know they were working for what they call the cereal sexual predator about thirty workers calling themselves select members of the weinstein coventy staff said in the letter that they knew of weinstein's infamous ten emperor.

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