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If they require you to prove your vaccine and he won't play. And this i think is a capable of what you owe pull. It doesn't take that many people. It just takes a brave person. I i think the interesting thing is his statement because he must have had in his contract that he could do because the term that was used is thrown back in their lap. Because he says i want to attend the crowd that is discriminating against the certain group of people so people in this case the discrimination was against people who have with freedom of choice you know so i thought it was great and I sure hope he gets a lot of mileage. Out of this wakes up a lot of people. And i think i think when they some of these musicals programs and things had been closed down when they were opened up. The crowds came back. They weren't they weren't convinced. Oh we're entering the dangers all going to die and of course a few of those You know convent's occurred anyway but it's it's better not to have the armed guard their trying to arrest you and check check z. Your passport put a needle in your arm. So good for him I've got much. I was going to close with a couple of updates on the conference First one i sent out an email update to our subscribers. Isa's can subscribe for free. Go to paul dot org and subscribe to our free new newsletters. You'd already know this if you subscribe. But let's put up the next clip great announcement for our conference in september. Were announcing that robert. F kennedy jr. will be joining us as a speaker at the ron paul institutes washington conference on september fourth. We had him on the show last. You almost a year ago Right now i was a terrific show. He was so great. We were so impressed. So brave And we're really happy that he's going to join us for the event. I have to say. Unfortunately the tickets are virtually sold out now. So i'm not gonna. I'm not gonna do the p. t. barnum too much right now but i will do the p. t. barnum on one thing which is the next announcement if we can look at that next clip. Here's another announcement. I just heard yesterday back from the scheduler representative. Thomas massie the best person in the us house of representatives currently barn. He is generously agreed. You know his time is tight. He has generously agreed. Not only to join us at a speaker as a speaker at the conference but he will be the luncheon speaker for our students a seminar us ron. Paul scholars seminar. He will be the lunch speaker. So listen up. Upper division undergrads and grads. Do you wanna lunch with thomas massie. Who doesn't if you love freedom. If you do go to ron paul institute dot org on the upper right..

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