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Design green back tip trayvon brain filed a much sharper going with a lose ball greenville's realized that he got without file fabric as a technical foul go by you you've got a recovery arrived livingston were the area arguing let's make sure the technical ugh grated it is so trayvon grade added to the list of guys were to first quarter thousand eight hurry white top said of at andrea dollar i'll think about this we have been fifty five seconds ago antiguan already has thirty seven points against the best defence if they're making great satan never love it's the technical free throw and with one fifty five to go with the first is green went for that folded his off lighthanded he posted a net carrier with a horrible amman suffered what i see this going from game again gain by how the three referees referee now they got away with all of that in game three we'll now all of a sudden it's not going to be as well now they have to make you tell us if you don't make the adjustment under hit you with the second date if you keep the blind ruppert to the lied member the warriors are way over the limit they've got nine thousand this first quarter to buy driven by greater picked up a technical for the second straight game separate will have one more free throw clubbing try to make this a thirteen point gabi missed the rebound jovanovic eight thirty nine twenty seven cleveland snap thory able to frontcourt crosses over with the left camp anytime said overran the gate loved dow court richard jefferson plaza blac fallacy he contested aththawra jefferson it'll suit to the tab with a chance at a four point first quarter vowed that will take great play by negate because he's not going to give you the gun he goes up any fowzia because you're a little shaky right now you second group.

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