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Caress your face through my red snuggie i there's a couple other on here i gotta keep going all right would you think that grandpa joe could use the snuggie here walk in there snuggie didn't dive hypothermia like i don't know how those how they provide will always be beyond me slipping cardboard blankets i should have been dead for the conditions for the lack of food for the lack of moving for the temperature for where they are i mean for fucking old they are i mean the life expectancy back in the time that we couldn't have been that high so very impressive all things considered i'm going to also merge like spray on hair and the rotisserie chicken and oxy clean i'm surprised there's no like bio pic for ron pope he'll and what's his face silly billy mays closest week i was joy joyce kind of on that she did the miracle mop i was a bio pic kind of as here he taught way right like coke overdose i know i hit the heart attack felt like the cocoa doses always an urban legend i mean maybe could have been maybe it would they didn't op topsy but i i don't know wasn't it was it wasn't that the around the same time that steve everyone died two thousand nine i think urban everyone's like it wasn't six hydrocortisone oxycodones and tram at all but they said he had major hip problems and he was scheduled for hip replacement surgery the day after he was found dead so obviously he had a lot of shit going on.

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