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To customers we mississippi ninety i'm every person he's working in america the this is just gone crazy and schlossberg towns oh touted his own fluency in spanish on his website of his law office what's happening here the there's lots of video now of that particular thirty being followed around new york by people in the press asking him is he sorry does he take back any of his comments tool and greg hogan comments on a one little bit of video where our suspect is trying to hide from the press and greg says it must be awful to be accosted by stranger when you're just trying to work and go about your day little bit of snark there but the big conversation is going on about once somebody ends up on social media and berated things start to happen without them paps having a right to reply seen his emeny many instances so judy lafi on twitter says unslinging doesn't seem to be a very nice person but doesn't marry her harassing him in the street kicking him out of his workspace having people tried to revoke his legal license all of these things happen now and julia carrie wong says in response and this really sums up the debate on twitter right now about him this is an interesting way to frame what is happening to slush berg since it is so precisely mirrors what he has done or trying to do to others we should say yeah the company that leases office space to him is terminated that agreement so a loss going on with arouse for wrath of netizens unleashed on him family okay hosted the stream on eljazeera english on what's filtering through social media thank you.

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