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Take it away. Well Hey everyone. I'm Jim Mullen. You the CEOS Samurai. I've had years of experience from Col- Colin following prospects in Dole to doll on the telephones unanimity of donate closing sales saw. Here's my for today. You always need to reset doesn't matter what sales you where they are in in an office whether you'll only speak to three post prospects there or whether you ring in speaking to prospects hour after hour minute. After minute is vitally important. Nutri every single individual as a new person and reset every single time. He speak to somebody. Fresh the reason I say that is because if you've just bought somebody that was really abrupt and a bit rude. You don't WanNa drag down to the next person you speeches. The don't let it affect you. Don't let it drag you down to the level what you need to reset so that is my number one for the day. No matter what part of sales you're in how many people you speak on a daily basis always remember inbetween you need to reset even if it means taking five minutes. Some deep breaths just. Relax Inn. Don't jump strands to another call when you're all fired up and still grow from the call before so. I'm John Magnier. If you've liked what suggested today I will leave link for my six kill. Osama right close. Pdf gives you some tips on closing deals. And I will also leave some links for my facebook group and also podcast hopyard. Nice Dash sales guys cheers. You can see the video version of this tip and we'll have links to John's facebook group..

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