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And am seven seventy newsradio k k kk b all right the headline for the guest column in the albuquerque journal right at the end of day was titled time to break the two party system written by the co chair of unite new mexico bob pearls he is our in studio guest and we're to carry on with him into this hour so you can get in some phone calls and opinions as we move on here but we just want to continue to talk about how the two party system has failed us and also for those of you who love the two party system i i don't know how many of you are out there but would love to hear you defend the the two party system i don't think it is serving us well having said that as a registered republican i would be more inclined to vote for republican candidates over democratic candidates but that's the kind of thing that that were discussing and talking about as to whether we're stuck in that paradigm to four three thirty three thirty three back with bob in one minute on the stig show oh seven right now bobby g what's up boy a mass on westbound pacelle del norte into rush hour two just before you get to the off ramp at coors it's all off to the right shoulder but you're still seeing a lot of congestion is early as well just west of jefferson we may want to jump over to montagna alameda is not bad even westbound i forty we also have an accident this is with injuries it's tbone bone at the intersection of richland hills and golf course which is just north of the ceo del norte expect some delays there and northbound i twenty five that crash lead coal is still working you gotta support vehicle there now everything is off to the right shoulder but still seeing some congestion as early as gibson that breaks up after the esker southbound i.

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